anyone doing their own flowers? church? bouquets? both?

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katiemomma Posts: 2690
Hi i was thinking of getting my bouquet 5 BMs bouquets 10 buttonholes. i got a rough price of 5 hundred euro. which is killing me to pay as they will die within a few days. i was going to buy flowers in tesco/dunnes lidl etc. and put them in vases in front of alter. and then make one piece for on the altar itself. simple and sweet. interested in photos or sites where i can see how to make them myself and interested in trying to make bouquets or buttonholes too. save a few euro here and there if possible. im in kerry if anyone has any suggestions .
MGTE Posts: 471
here is a couple of articles from a quick google check: ... g-bouquet/ I'm sure there is lots of advice for doing it yourself out there, I know there is a one day course you can do but not sure where it is. You could get some advice from wedding flower magazines or websites. I think you'd be better off getting your flowers from a wholesaler, or the flower market in Dublin. Try these for flowers: and these for supplies:
HamletBride Posts: 376
Thank you so much for the flower supply links. Checked out Central Florist and they have the hydrandea that I was hoping to get. I have someone to arrange the flowers if I get them so happy days. Thanks a mill.
jmeath Posts: 5740
Id love to do a flower arranging course and do my own flowers but mam said it'll be added pressure that i dont need in the few days runing up to the wedding. When my mam married my stepdad she used a wholesalers so im going to see if they're still in business!
tootsy Posts: 779
we were going to do them ourselves too but think we will be busy enough with out the extra pressure
HamletBride Posts: 376
[quote="meathbride10":17w0wc5z]Id love to do a flower arranging course and do my own flowers but mam said it'll be added pressure that i dont need in the few days runing up to the wedding. When my mam married my stepdad she used a wholesalers so im going to see if they're still in business![/quote:17w0wc5z] Meathbride if you get the name of the wholesalers can you PM please. Really would love hydrangea but aint paying the price the florists are charging. Thanks
keelyn Posts: 1197
[quote="CATaug09":1i3obgc1] im in kerry if anyone has any suggestions .[/quote:1i3obgc1] Don't know of any wholesalers in Kerry, but I've used Bloomfield in Cork a few times (I've done some wedding flowers for friends). The sell to the public. I'm in Limerick, and it was definitely worth the trip to Cork - we saved loads. You can look them up in the golden pages. They're out towards the airport. You can ring them up for a quote and order in advance, so you know you're be getting what you want, rather than waiting and hoping that the supermarket will have what you want. Another friend of mine used [url:1i3obgc1][/url:1i3obgc1] and found them very good - they do have a minimum order value though, so that might be too high for you. If you search on youtube, you'll find some flower arranging videos that might be useful. One word of warning - flowers do take up alot of time, especially if you are not used to doing them, so try to get some practice so you'll know how much time you need, and how many flowers you need to achieve you're desired result. I was lucky enough to have a friend who is a florist, so she did my wedding flowers, but I did help. I did one piece myself, and helped out with others. It was lovely to be involved, so I would definitely encourage it, but do be realistic about the amount of work involved. Best of luck.
mrs celtickitten Posts: 877
Hi ladies, I do freelance weddings from a private residence so I do not have the overheads of a florist shop. I also offer a full free consultation at the venue or the church if you are based in the kildare, dublin, carlow, kilkenny, laois areas. Check out my webpage if you want to view some pics of our work. I am also in a position to hire out pew ends and candleabras to any bride getting married in 2009. While we will never be as cheap as doing the flowers yourself we offer a high quality professional service and good value for those brides who book with us. Mrs Celtic.
july princess Posts: 63
Dont know if this has been said but if you go to a flower whole sales and get your flowers there, then you tube wedding bouquet see what come up and you could copy it piece by piece!! A friend of mine did this and it turned out fab and saved her a fortune
mrs.july Posts: 3167
I made all my own flowers the day before wedding-BMs helped making buttonholes and church bouquets and aunt even hand stitched jasmine trails onto pew end bows!! I went to the stalls in Grafton St. and got chatting to one lady Noreen-her brother is a wholesaler and ordered all my flowers with his usual order for her stall so they were fresh from Holland-he was excellent and gave me lots of advice and extra bits. I had my bouquet, 4 BMs bouquets, one FG bouquet, 2 corsages, 10 buttonholes, 2 large church arrangements, 2 small church arrangments and two displays for the house-cost me just over €300. Used ivory roses, pink roses, calla lillies, eucalyptus leaves, baby's breath, lillies, carnations. Had a lot left over so could have been cheaper. I learned how to make the pew ends, bouquets and buttonholes via youtube videos-did a few practice runs months before and got one book- can't remember the name but it was from the 'teach yourself' series. This gave me all the advice about accessories, shapes etc. and used this to help with church arrangements.