Anyone doing their own flowers?

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Tinkerbelle Bride Posts: 391
My sister and chief bridesmaid has offered to do my flowers for me. She would have done her own flowers for her wedding but it was over Christmas and just too much of a chance to take with regard to ensuring she got the freshest possible flowers. I'm delighted becuase she's really artistic and a total perfectionist so I know she'll do a great job (while also saving me money). I was just wondeirng if anyone else was doing their own flowers or did their own flowers for their wedding and if they had any tips?
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Im planning a chilled out day before the wedding with my mum, sisters (BMs) and aunt gathered round the kitchen table with a glass of wine and some nibbles and we'll all do the flowers. I got a quote of between €130 and €150 for all the flowers I want from So that would mean a big saving on what florists charge. Theres loads of how to.... videos on youtube that will give you the basics.
CavanB2B Posts: 232
We did our own flowers, ordered them from Flowers 4 Florists and they were delivered to our door 2 days before wedding. They were well packaged so arrived in perfect condition. Found the overall service great and it saved time / hassle not having to go somewhere to collect them. We got all the flowers ready the day before, wired & half taped & left them back in water. When everyone was getting their hair done the morning of the wedding i was snipping the stems and finished taping them - only took 5-10 mins. I had a great feeling of achievement seeing them all put together. Looking at our photos now i think the flowers looked great :o0 Good luck with it, and the rest of wedding plans :wv
dewdee Posts: 444
we're doing our own - ordering from flowers for florists :) no experience but once bouquest not too complicated its garnd - apparently!
Leftbank Posts: 2395
I hope to do the same. Not really into flowers at all so once they look alright will do me grand. Whats everyone doing re church flowers tho?
mkb Posts: 1744
i plan on doing mine to. going to prep everything the night before and get up and do them in the morning. church flowers I hopefully will have learn't how to do them by the time of the wedding. Going to have pew ends and and an alter arrangement for the front of it. I would love an arch but I think this would be just way too much hassle to do myself.