Anyone drive their own car for wedding

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Kkilkenny Posts: 208
Hi there, Dont want to waste hundreds of euro on car so thinking of making do with our own. We own a 08 car which we both think is suitable for our wedding car, also h2b dad has a nice car which would also be suitable. Cant find a driver though! Was thinking of getting a bridesmaid to drive me down from house to church, only a few mins down the road, then after ceremony my new hubby would drive me to the reception. It is a small wedding. Is that a bit too weird? I know they both wouldnt mind driving it and the car is not something I see as important to the day and id rather spend the money elsewhere. Also if anyone knows do we usually need to drive the photographer?
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Yeah go for it. We had just my Mums primera as our wedding car and just stuck some ribbon on it. It was perfect. My brother drove it for us. We put ribbon on my sisters boyfriends car too (some citreon or other) and he drove the bridesmaids. I toyed with the idea of driving myself and hubby in my blue micra for a long time until my brother offered to drive. It could have been my something blue. I think the pics would have been good too. I have a friend that got married this week and he drove away from the church with his new wife in a vintage tractor. The pictures look so great and they look like they are having so much fun and so happy. Re: The photographer. They will have their own car. You won't have to drive them.
shepiena Posts: 188
My dad is dirving me to the church, the bridesmaid is going with her husband and then dad is driving us to the reception. Go for it if it suits you
Kaycee Posts: 2107
i say go for it. i ended up getting cars myself as its a november wedding and god knows what the weather would be like and not having traditional wedding so need to do 3 stops not just two. so yes go for it!
juno28 Posts: 330
Yeah Go for it.. were doing the same.. Dad will drive me to the church in my own car-i :lvs my car and its white so its perfect colour (only thing is its a coupe so il have to sit in the front coz theres not a chance im getting the dress into the back... Then OH will drive us to reception.. Were using my parents car for groomsmen (they can drive themselves) and bridesmaids fiance''s car for bridesmaids car (gona ask him to drive them)... They are all the same make and as nice as any wedding car.. We got a quote from a local company that does chryslers- he gave us a discount because he would only have to do a 20 mile round trip in total- €800, i nearly choked :eek :eek This is a great way to save a few bob in the budget (my mum hates the idea of us driving ourselves but my dad and OH totally love it so shes overruled :o0 )
Shells Bells Posts: 650
I'm glad I've seen this thread cos I was thinking of doing the same. My car is an 09 White fiat 500. My home house is a stones throw from the church and was thinking if it's a dry day (wedding is in Feb) then it'd be lovely to walk to the church but if its not dry to get my Dad to drive us in the Fiat. Then have hubby(!!!) drive us to the hotel in it! I think the photos would be great and I also think the drive to the hotel, with just the 2 of us, would be lovely. The only thing is that my dress is quite big and my car is quite small!!!
MissBid Posts: 587
Nothing wrong in this day and age to use your own or a family car. My brother is driving us to the church in his car and then back to the reception after. Saves a small fortune in car hire, and the car isn't a major factor in my opinion. OH was going to arrive at the church on the back of his friends motorbike - thank God he scrapped that idea... He's going in the Best Mans car..
OrTees Posts: 907
I agree totally- we were thinking of trying to rent a little vintage sports car that H2B would drive the two of us from the church to the hotel in, but we're not sure we will find a car like this to rent. We are now thinking of just dressing up our 12 year old Punto with flowers and ribbons and driving off in that!! I can walk to the church from the house so I don't need to worry about that part and the best man can drive the bridesmaid in his car after the ceremony. Shells Bells- I think your Fiat 500 would be a perfect wedding car!! I was only saying to H2B the other day that I'd rent one of them for the wedding if I could!!
petersgirl Posts: 1568
It's a great idea, I think cars is definitely one of those that are a waste of money at weddings. Plus I think it would be kind of cute that your new hubby drives you off after the ceremony. Get someone to decorate a bit for you with ribbon etc. :wv
Bm10 Posts: 296
We used our family cars for our wedding and I know alot of other brides who did the same. We got our bridesmaids hubby to drive the bridesmaids etc. I would consider getting someone to drive for you, because if your OH has been given a brandy for medicinal purposes at the house, and I pint or two before the ceremony (it does happen) he may be over the limit :hic