Anyone else attending Dr Von Bunau???

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Wild Child Posts: 1694
Hey Girls I was just wondering if any of you are attending Dr Von Bunau or have attended him in the past and what you think of him???
cressa Posts: 318
Yes but I'm only semi private. Have only met him on one of my ante natal appointments. He seemed nice enough but it was all very rushed so I can't be of much help to you. Assume you are going private
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Thanks Cressa I'm only going Semi Private too but I have seen him every time I think its just been luck with me....I was thinking its very rushed myself last appointment he just said "all is well so far"...!did you get your vaccine?! and "we have you booked in for the 22week scan" and then done a quick scan and off we went....I take it thats normal so?
cressa Posts: 318
Yep that sounds similar to all my visits. You are actually very lucky to have seen him every time as I have seen someone different every single visit. I am one day overdue so will let you know if he appears at all when I eventually go into labour!
loopey Posts: 215
I'm in Dr Von Bunau's clinic too (Semi Private) but have never actually met him :eek
Bear Posts: 671
I am under Dr Von banau this time (public) but haven't met him yet. I am taking part in a research project so see the doc doing that every time so far. I'll probably start going to him closer to my EDD and I am in more frequently.