Anyone else back at work today

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mollyeile Posts: 2486
My office is dead! There are about four of us in! It's so quiet it's freaky
LabLady Posts: 4325
yup I am here, tired out and I didnt even go out last night or anything!
mollyeile Posts: 2486
I know how you feel - three doses of caffeine and I'm still not awake
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
yup, back at work aswell... I got in just before 9 and there was no one in from my team and I just started last week, so basically I'm waiting at the moment for the right person to come in and give me something to do.. have a huge mug with coffee in front of me - doubt it'll wake me up...
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Yeah, I'm the same - I do have plenty to do but WHY do I have to do it today when most people are still at home in bed! (Well I know it's because I didn't keep any holidays, but still...!)
Paddy Whack Posts: 1399
Me too - am really upset to be back seeing as DH is still snoring his ass off :o( :o(
dreamer Posts: 3941
I'm here too - reading the paper and drinking coffee!!!
ilikecakes Posts: 222
Hehe me too - I'm planning a tough day of online sale shopping, WOLling and a two hour lunch! There's about four people in, the phones and dead and there's been not a single email all morning so's deadly!!
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
if it wouldnt be for WOL I'd be sleeping on my keyboard.. Asked a colleague for some work and she gave me something and now reading through it I dont know what she wants me to do... Shes just away from her desk so I cant ask her. Thankfully remembered the one thing my manager asked me to do today so did that and just waiting for a reply. God I hate being new at a job and not knowing what to do... :o( and it's only 10.30 - another 7hrs till I can go home... At least I meet DH for lunch at 12... :o0
mollyeile Posts: 2486
[quote="mrs.smiffy":1b4ijrqd] God I hate being new at a job and not knowing what to do... :o( [/quote:1b4ijrqd] I hear you! Only started hear a few weeks ago so still finding my feet and am not exactly busy yet - a few bits and pieces and lots of WOL!