anyone else dying from the heat?

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ababy Posts: 73
Hi all, Really not feeling too good today or yesterday - the heat is just abslutely killing me. It's not even as if I am heavily pregnant yet but i am generally a warm blooded person anyway and I just feel really hot all the time at the moment and it's making me sleepy, no energy, headaches etc. I am drinking gallons of cold water and still not feeling great. We have no air con in my office but I am beside the open window but still not getting much air. Way too hot to sleep at night and waking up really early. Anyone else struggling or have any solutions to help stay cool - I'm just ready to go home and collapse tonight at this rate!!
randomusername Posts: 2134
Try drinking water at room temp. Heard somewhere before that when we drink cold water it makes our body work harder and we can actually end up hotter from it. Have no idea if there's even a grain of truth in that but I do find room temp water keeps me cooler long term. If you can get yourself a fan for your desk I find them a lifesaver. During the day I pop a bottle of frozen water in front of it and its like a mini air con system and I just keep it on a low setting at night too. Feel better soon x
happy angel Posts: 928
there is a cooling spray you can get in boots im using it great spray on face and legs i also wear maxi dresses so cool at night i use vest top and underwear and sheet find keeps me cool also window open i do find it stuffy hope feeling better soon :thnk