Anyone else exhausted and not sleeping??!

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minibride Posts: 74
Only a week and a bit to go (hopefully!!), but am having terrible problems sleeping - keep waking up at around 4am and tossing and turning till DH gets up at 7am - just feel shattered for rest of the day. Thought your baby was meant to get quieter towards your DD, but mine was having a disco last night - actually got a bit worried at it didnt stop kicking and moving for the best part of 2 hours, so rang hosp and midwife said she was sure it was fine - just worried it was in distress - oh, I really need this baby to be out and safe and healthy now!! Baby woke me again at 4.19 giving it loads!! Have appt with doc this afternoon so we'll see. Just wondering if anyone else in similar situation??!!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
This is mother nature just getting your body ready for the late night feeds. It will all be over soon. Try to get some rest during the day. Won't be long now and your baby will be here. Good luck
corkrebel Posts: 744
Mini Bride, I am the same ...can get to sleep fine but can wake anywhere from 4am to 6am to either pee, have baby kick me or just wake for no reason ...then cannot get back to sleep...until 10 mins before I am due to get up of course! GP told me that there really is not a lot I can do unfortunately and she signed me off work last week as I was so wrecked... I think that it is nature's way of preparing us for sleepless least you are near the end..I still have another 12+ weeks to go!!! best of luck! :) O:o)
Ducky Posts: 2506
I haven't had a good night's sleep since about 30 weeks, truth be told. A good night is three/four hours uninterrupted. The combination of bathroom breaks, hip pain and general discomfort is a bitch. I was in a fog for a while but my body appears to have got used to it. I guess it's preparing us! Also, I seem to sleep much better from 5am onwards, so I stay up later and stay on in bed if possible. You should too. It will all be worth it!!
minibride Posts: 74
Thanks Girls - at least I know I'm not alone - yes - think Mother Nature is very cute!! I love my sleep and could sleep for 12 hour solid if allowed - so guess it a shock to system and just a taste of what's ahead!! Good luck everyone!