Anyone else feel useless???

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luvlylili Posts: 232
Hey girlies!! Just wondering am i the ony one feeling useless and in the way.. I am due saturday week! im so sore down my legs, my back etc and its a huge effort to do anything.. i have a four year old boy who is sooo busy and just wants to do everything and im really not able for... he's running circles round me at the minute.. i just feel like im in the way more than any help these days..
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Ah God Love you, i think you sound more fed up than useless!!! Its just frustrating as I am sure you would like to be and about doing more but physically you just can't! It will pass soon enough i hope for you!! (20% discount at HipBaby. To avail of this offer type HipRec in the promotional box)
babydust Posts: 124
You are probably doing just sound exhausted.. maybe you need some extra help..what about family or friends? Maybe if you had a bit of time to yourself you would feel a bit revitalised...don't be putting so much pressure on yourself.......... hope you feel better soon xxx
luvlylili Posts: 232
ah thanks a million girls!! My hubby is great and is doing so much, im blessed, i think im just so used to being busy that im getting so frustrated now not been able to do it.. i feel so big and awkward trying to do anything... my little boy is all into running racing chasing wrestling etc all physical activities and im just annoyed i cant do any of these things with him!