Anyone else finding it hard to concentrate in work today

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sharmon Posts: 437
Anyone else finding it difficult to work today? I just don't seem to have the motivation, may have something to do with the fact that I have been moved to a project I hate.....
overthemoon! Posts: 1479
am finding it hard to concentrate as im in such a pickle over my wedding dress. buy online/buy in a store/buy online/buy in a store O:| O:| O:| O:| O:|
Sheep Posts: 626
I can't concentrate in work since I got engaged! :o0
aston Posts: 4100
I'm just in a dossing kind of mood you know!! I have loads to do but don't wana do any of it!!! Roll on 5.30!! p.s. think it could be the rain!! (blame everything on the weather :o0 :o0)
October_2007 Posts: 937
[quote:36tywx2g]Anyone else finding it difficult to work today?[/quote:36tywx2g] Try EVERYDAY :o0 :o0
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
I have found it very hard to concentrate since we got back from our taster dinner at the weekend. I also have my first dress fitting tomorrow so I am very anxious about that which could have something to do with it!
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
oh you read my mind starting this tread, i dont know what is up with me today, my I cant seem to get into the swing of this at all.....i'm so not ar%ed......roll on 5 bells.....
venus08 Posts: 104
Yeh I know how ye feel. I have my final dress fitting this evening and I cant concentrate at all! :o)ll Roll on 5.30pm...
scotswedding Posts: 2829
I've been like this since coming back from hols... :-8 Have done so little am ashamed of self. Got a load of new projects there this afternoon which I have to do a few bits on today and get back into the full swing tomorrow. And if I can't get motivated tomorrow I'm screwed...