Anyone else freaking out????

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mumof3 Posts: 73
Hi Girls my wedding is 11 weeks from monday, and I have been really calm and organised, but just know why but today I am completely freaking out......have so much left to do I dont even know where to begin, anyone else feeling overwhelmed....................
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Hi mumof3, this is where your support network should come into play, BM's or your sisters, your family, h2b etc.. Ask them for help! I am a little under eight months away and can't wait for it to get busy cause that's when I work best. Share the organising and enjoy this time as much as you can! Good Luck :wv
CestMoi Posts: 2162
What have you left to do? Can anyone in your family or friends help with some of the things? I left a lot of my organising a bit late because of work problems, but I just tackle 1 or 2 things at a time, I'm getting through them now, its just 12 weeks from Saturday. The most stressful thing is thinking about haggling with the hotel, and knowing that one aunt is not staying because of the price and has rang my mum 3 times about it. I try not to worry about it, but I will try and see if the hotel can give a reduction, not a lot more I can do, can hardly change the venue at this stage!
Russy Posts: 144
I find the best way to get things done is to make a list of whats left. Get others to do what they can and tick things off as you go along. as each thing gets done you'll get more and more relieved. Stop worrying too much, it;ll all get sorted in the end! :action32
murielswedding Posts: 372
Ok my wedding is in 11 weeks too and i wasnt even thinking about freaking out till i saw your post!!! now i am beginging to freak out, i only ordered my invitations today!!and have to organise the whole ceremony!! and loose a stone- all ideas welcome on that one!! and have to organise the music for ceremony. and buy wine, !! should be organising not posting this!! :o0 :o0 I shoulda had waytorelaxedbride as a username up till now, now it should be havntathingdonebride :o0 :o0 It will all come together on the day!!
tilsun Posts: 4506
I had the same experience at about 12 weeks to go. In my case it was because I was not prioritised what needed to be done. There are a few jobs that have to be done by a certain date. e.g. invititations. Then there are lots that can be done closer to the date, e.g.choosing hairstyles. Once you have your list of what needs to be done, then mark the ones that are causing most stress and try to get them out of the way! I'm 7 weeks now, loads to be done but way too chilled out!
mumof3 Posts: 73
Ah thanks girls just having a bad week, mum not well work crap and it all just got on top of me. My sister lives away so cant help out, my parents are living in Westport so havent had any input, I have 3 great bms but I guess people are just so busy with their own lives, and I dont like to ask, need to delegate more :o0
chaos Posts: 1904
im not freaking out yet! have 12 weeks left. im freaking out a bit about shoes though cant find any anywhere!! dont want typical bridal shoes as wont wear them again, but can find any others i like O:| going to galway tomorrow on the prowl :o0 if you make a list and try to do 1 or 2 things every few days, you will the list getting smaller in no time
Rosiemay09 Posts: 218
hi mumof3 I just saw your post and I'm exactly the same i'm totally overwhelmed and I also have 3 kids to look after so I just don't get time to do stuff, h2b is great at looking after the kids so I can do wedding stuff but honestly I'm stressing out, 3 months to go and I'm fairly organised but its getting on top of me this week, I messed up my hens booked one thing then totally changed my mind and re-organised everything, then I tried on my wedding ring and it doesn't suit my E ring but now the band on my E ring has snapped and it will take 2 months to get it fixed O:|. Middle child is feeling totally left out and having tantrums, as soon as I copped this the tantrums stopped and he's a little pet again so I feel terrible for not noticing before. I can only go forward now I'm going to make things better.(starting to feel better already for letting all this out) I'm going to make another list tonight and sort everything out in my mind, my friend is coming over tonight to write my invites cos she has lovely handwriting so that'll be one thing marked off the list(pity we haven't finalised the list yet :o0 ) thanks for posting it gave me a chance to vent and I hope you're feeling better. I have to go the kids are fighting over the skooter again!!!!