Anyone else give up smoking?

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mop1 Posts: 1564
Just wondering if anyone else gave up smoking when you got your bfp? And how are you getting on? As soon as I found out I stopped, over 5 weeks ago and I cant believe how easy it has been :o)ll :o)ll I made a few half ass attempts over the years but failed miserably. I'm delighted :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Pumpernickle Posts: 206
A massive congrats to you Mop1 - it's not easy. I'm an ex-smoker; gave up about 6 years ago and I'm so happy I did. Well done O-O
mop1 Posts: 1564
cheers pumpernickle :wv :wv I just cant get over how easy I've found it! I suppose I've always known that smoking on my baby is just not an option - best insentive ever :o0 :o0 How to give up smoking in one easy step: get pregnant :o0 :o0 :o0 How did you find it pumpernickle?
Pumpernickle Posts: 206
To be honest the thought of giving up was harder than actually doing it... I'd wanted to give up for years and one weekend I said thats it - enough is enough. I gave up but had one or two "social" relapses but I'm well & truly a non-smoker now!!!! Feels great!!!! You're so right about pregnancy being a good incentive though.... How're you finding your pregnancy so far?
steen Posts: 1335
I'm the same once I got me BFP not another passed my lips and feel fine dont miss them at all :o)ll
mop1 Posts: 1564
Nice one, Steen :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I think that go to show that most of it is in the head.... mind over matter :o0 so far, pumpernickle im not doing too bad. I havent really suffered from ms but im making up for it in tiredness and crankiness :o0 :o0 Slowly crawling to the 12 week mark so hopefully that'll start to settle down (for my poor dh sake :o0 )
maylife Posts: 23
hi mop1 i quit just like you when i found out and it hasnt bothered me since, im off them 4weeks. cant believe how easy it was. like yourself ive tried many times over the years, if only i knew, to stop smoking get pregnant :eek
The PDQ Posts: 954
I have found it incredibly hard. Thought it would be a piece of cake once I found out I was preggers, what better incentive? But no.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Just want to say a big well done for giving up the smokes :o)ll :o)ll I gave them up 4 years ago - still haven't grown and inch so its a big lie that it stunts your growth :o0 Tried a million times to do it but this time I was determined and I hated smoking, also read the Allen Carr book and it was brilliant. (he is the smoking dude and not the one from tv :o0 ) Haven't even had a sneaky "I wonder if I would still like them" one! Just wish I could give up the bad food as easy :wv
baby-bel Posts: 929
I gave up 2 months before getting pregnant as I had read that smoking increases risk of miscarraige, and I have found it the easiest ever to give up this time, I suppose my reasons were stronger this time in that I wanted to get pregnant & didnt want anything to harm my baby whereas in the past I was only half heartedly trying to give up when DH nagged me to or something :o0