Anyone else got rib cage pain???

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marianf Posts: 5845
I feel like my internal organs are being pushed out through / pinched my ribs.........not a pleasant experience
bubbles79 Posts: 79
hi i've got terribel ribs pains - only halfway through the pregnancy......did you find anything to relieve the pain??????????? Did it get worse??? i am at my wits end! B
minnie08 Posts: 580
I'm the same. A lot of mornings I feel like I can't take a deep breath. When I do I get such a pain in my ribs. It eases off during the day. I said it to my GP yesterday and she just said that the baby is still very high with his/her head up at my ribs. She said I'd get some relief if/when he/she turns and drops a bit.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
yep marianf my babs was breech too so my left side was in bits where his head and feet were together :ooh
mammybean Posts: 10364
i had terrible rib cage pain both time, though id already had oth babies by your stage. both mine were breach and the head was under my ribs, coulnt sit up straight breathe eat etc etc. is your baby breach? i have only had breach babies so i dont know about when they are the right way round lol
mtv Posts: 935
i have had this with gp has recommended that i go to the hospital pyhsio. she suggested that even if the pain left and didnt come back i should still visit the pyhsio. there is a 6 week waiting list in my hospital. you wouldnt want to be in agony.
mammybean Posts: 10364
mtv i know it is ridiculous, i was refered for physio for spd, i had my baby and all before the appointment came through. i know there is a waiting list with lots of people but should pregnant women with pregnancy related issues not be a priority or a seperate dept?
Smurfette Posts: 522
I had this very bad in my last pregnancy. I was doubled over with the pain and the muscle under my ribcage was inflamed. I was admitted to hospital at 7 months pregnant so they could administor pain meds and monitor the baby at the same time. I was kept in for a few days and it did help a little, but my consultant basically told me; "I am really sorry, I know its very painful, but there is nothing we can do about it until the baby arrives, just try to rest as much as possible"....he wanted to sign me off on sick leave for the remainder of the pregnancy. I was in total agony and as a last resort I tried acupuncture....I couldn't believe the relief I got from it. After the first session, I was pain free for about 3 days, then the pain came back but not as bad as before....I went back for another session the following week and was totally pain free after only took 2 sessions. Each session lasted about 1 hour and cost me 50 euro....but it was WELL worth it. I would highly recommend it.
bububaby Posts: 54
well girls! I've had the pain in my ribs as well, baby is head down and its bum feels like it is stuck on my right side and feet are on the left side. My pain prob isn't as bad as yours but I've found that getting down on all 4's and letting the baby drop forwarded abit takes the real pressure off for a little bit, granted once I sit back up it comes back, but at least its something you can try in the morning so you cen take a breath!!
mtv Posts: 935
hi girls i was in for an antenatal class and i enquired where was my physio apt date, they got a cancellation that morning and slotted me in. the pain on the left hand side of the ribs/under left breast is/was caused by my pelvis being high on one side. she sorted it there and then, i have new postions for sitting, walking etc to try and stop it happening again. i had pain again after 24 hours and i am thinking of going to another physio as my next apt in hospital is april 8th as they had none before then! edited to say: physio said often rib pain is caused by problems lower down in the pelvic area or by back problems. your body compensates by pulling and tugging the rest of your body causing pain in the other areas.