anyone else having problems at work?

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MrsP2B Posts: 180
Am twenty weeks now and things in work not great. Firstly wasn't too well before christmas and was out sick I got a rollicking for that and was told I needed to do something about it (no suggestions given) My sickness before pregnancy wasn't bad and would rock up to work even if I wasn't feelin too hot. All my appointments have been attended on annual leave, I ask for it as my day off (work shift work) and get given annual leave. Told I should take mat leave at 29 weeks leaving me with nothing after the birth. now been told that I should step back from some of my contracted duties as pregnancy can 'make you laid back or not cope under pressure' would you tell a chief exec of a company to not do their job if she was pregnant. Have gotten to the stage where I hate work and am thinking of leaving as soon as I can after the birth. anyone else havin problems in work.
aliwac05 Posts: 40
Hi MrsP2B I am having problems at work too!! I'm only eight and a half weeks however and I had a scare early on in the pregnancy and had to attend the hospital and had to take a few days off annual leave i might add. The problem is I work in a job where long hours are required and its a male dominanted environment. My usual hours are 9-5.30 but I usually work 8.30-7 or eight. even leaving at those hours people are still here working in my dept and i feel like they are always watching me 'leaving early' the truth is by four in the afternoon im so tired i cant even sit up straight!!! I have my first hospital visit today and I have to take a half day and I ask yesterday but still havent been told whether i can take it or not but I have to go!!!!!!!! I am defo leaving this job after the baby has been born and going to look for work nearer to home(im in town) and with flexi time. I can't believe you were told to take your mat leave at that stage that is just outrageous!!!! also they cant take work away from you just because you are pregnant!!! you are not losing your brain cells are you for gods sake!!! that kind of thing just makes me so mad!!!!!!! :twisted: :evil: :x
Half Empty Posts: 10
Oh my God I would not take any of that shit they are in total breech of your rights, you are BY LAW allowed to attend your appointments without losing any pay etc and as for having taking maternity leave at 29 weeks that is ridiculous the only law is that you have to take is minimum of 2 weeks before you are due it used to be 4 weeks. I would definetly be reporting them that is just no on, be strong take some action now don't let them bully you and get away with it! cause you are only setting a standard for anyone else coming behind you which is not fair know your rights and stand up for them. Best of luck.
clio99 Posts: 712
girls please dont let these people do this, It happened me when Iwas pregnant on Hayley I was very ill all the way through. When I was 6 months pregnant I came home from a hospital visit and my boss was standing in my driveway with my p45. It wasnt even a case where I was out all the time I was late a few times as I was ill on the bus and had to get off. I got on to the dept of employment and equality who told me to go to a solicitor, we then went to the labour courts he ignored their ruling as they are not legally binding and we then we ended up at a tribunal in the Dept. He made me go through with this. I had to stand infront of 3 judges and go through everything. Anyway to cut a long story short the jedges agreed with me he should not of sacked me when pregnant they made a ruling and I got 2 yrs salary. What your company is doing is completly wrong get in touch with the dept now. If you feel that you have to leave cause the way they are treating you that can be deemed as constructive dismissal. The link below shows the unfair dismissals act. ... issals.htm
sharonstep Posts: 57
its disgraceful the way employers treat pregnant women but you are protected by law you do not have to put up with any of this behaviour so don't let them away with it. YOU decide when you will start maternity leave not them so please stand your ground on that one. my company are trying to mess me around too because every person before me got paid whilst on maternity leave and now they say i might not get paid because of changes in the company!! if i have to contact a solicitor i will though because this should be an enjoyable & happy time for all of us not a time of stress because of our employers.
sickofthiscrap Posts: 327
3 words for you girls - Maternity Protection Acts. You don't need a solicitor (it's often an unnecessary expense), but you should contact the Employment Rights Information Unit of the Department of enterprise, trade and employment asap. They should give you some guidance as to how to lodge a claim against your employer(s). Their number is 01 6313131 or email [email protected].
sharonstep Posts: 57
thanks for that sue i was wondering where exactly to go for info if i need to theres so many websites etc its hard to know.
Blackie Posts: 52
sharonstep - I am in the same situation as you, and they won't even give me a straight answer about it. Let me know how you get on!!
sharonstep Posts: 57
will do blackie, they wont give me a straight answer either but i keep on at them because it will determine how long i can take off from work. if i'm getting paid i can take the extra weeks if not just the min 22 weeks.