Anyone else lashing on the weight?!?!?

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cosmicgirl Posts: 343
Hi Girls, I'm having a bit of a "bad day" today and I feel awful for even feeling like this because I realise how lucky I am to have babs on board! :-8 I'm 24 weeks with my first and at this stage I have already put on 21lbs. :weep :weep :weep I feel like mama cass and none of my clothes look right on. I was quite hefty before I got pregnant (a good size 14 with BIG boobs) and now my boobs are HUGE. I'm 5'10" with quite long legs so trying to find trousers is a nightmare. I'm living in leggings...and its not a great I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to where I could find some nice maternity clothing. Thanks in advance!
happy mummy Posts: 424
I cant help with the weight question hun, I actually have the opposite problem! Have lost a LOT weight and cant seem to put it back on! I just wanted to say dont feel bad and if your GP feels that weight gain is an issue then I'm sure they will address it. Once its healthy weight I'm sure it'll be ok! As for maternity clothes, I had a look in H&M maternity today, some nice jeans! Mothercare have some clothes on special, nice dresses at half price etc! I too am living in leggings but think I think I will be getting some of those H&M jeans. They were €40 by the way.
theoracle Posts: 7664
Dorothy perkins tend to have a good choice of trousers too. My top tip is don't weigh yourself! Recipe for eternal happiness :o0
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i put on 1 stone and a half very quickly then i went 4 months without weight gain. it all evens out.
geeklover Posts: 831
I'm not as far along as you but have certainly been piling on the lbs! I was also a 14 (sliding closer to a 16 in the month before I got pregnant (was eating and drinking loads part self pity after a miscarriage part family celebrations on another note), with massive boobs. New Look do fantastically priced maternity wear. I bought 2 pairs of work trousers on Friday night, one pair was €24.99 and the other was on sale for €9.00!!! The legs are fairly long but maybe if any of the pairs you buy aren't long enough you could let down the hem. You could get some of that stuff that sticks the material together, is it wonderweb, I can't remember the name of it. Or treat yourself by bringing them to an alteration place to get them done. Not every New Look has maternity wear, the one in Jervis and Liffey Valley do though. HTH :wv
Febmummy Posts: 429
Dorothy Perkins have great work trousers. I am a 34" inside leg, find it a nightmare to get trousers. Got the long leg in the over the bump a while ago and they are perfect. With my runners on the are nearly touching the ground...have to hoosh them up :-8 hope this helps :-8 :o)ll
cosmicgirl Posts: 343
Thanks Girls - I'll have to pop into the shops you mentioned. I'm at the stage that I'd pay anything just to get something thats not leggings!!!! Good call about the not weighing ones-self. I was at the docs this week and told him about my weight concern (my ankles were swollen and i was encouaged by everyone i know to GET TO THE DOCTORS) an he said I've put on 7kg since I was with him in early august and not to worry as I was clearly holding fluid! Phewwww!!! Now for a cream cake...... :thnk