Anyone else living in south but working in north?

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Diamondz Posts: 2208
As I work in the north I have been told that that is where I must attend for all appointments etc... I am entitled to treatment but baby is not... so what happens after I give birth for midwife home visits etc? Do I have to register baby here and thefind myself a midwife?? Maybe this is a stupid question.. I'm also starting to stress about how far away hospital might be.. :eek Anyone any experience of this?? Thanks MaD
Carmen Posts: 510
Hi Mayalldone Im in the same position as yourself. I wasnt aware that you had to have your baby in the north though. I had my first child in daisy hill and am doing the same this time round. When i was discharged the hospital sent a letter to my local public health nurse so she called to see me as she would with anybody else in the south. I also took the baby to my doctor in the north for the first check up after a couple of days but then registered her with a local doctor in the south. As you say it is only yourself that is covered in the north. Did you know that as a cross-border worker you are automatically entitled to a medical card in the south? I only recently found this out and now all the family is on it. I could have had 5 years free health care and didnt know it! Feel free to ask me any more questions!!
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Hi Carmen, Thanks for the details - this gives me a little relief anyway!! Caa I ask how you apply for a medical card?? - I'm such a numpty!! Also, did you go private at Daisy Hill or public? I was thinking of travelling to Belfast, because its close to the rest of my family and my hubby works along way from where we live, but this might not be that feasible either! Thanks again, MaD :thnk
Carmen Posts: 510
Hi I just printed off the form from the HSE website i think and got my local doctor to sign it. I was public in Daisy Hill. As a cross border worker you dont have to pay for your treatment in the north. Of course you still can go private if you wish. Also when you're pregnant any prescriptions and dental treatment are free in the north so its a good time to get a check up with the dentist. You have to be registered as a NHS patient though and it can be tricky enough to find a dentist who will take you on but its worth ringing around to find one if you havent got one already. Hope this helps. Best of luck with deciding where to have your baby!!
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
[quote:pcdv27uo]Also when you're pregnant any prescriptions and dental treatment are free in the north so its a good time to get a check up with the dentist[/quote:pcdv27uo] Mayalldone. Prescriptions aren't "automatically" free. Dental treatment is. You need to get a form signed by your GP for the free prescriptions and send it off to the SSA. Having said that prescriptions only cost £3 now so they are not that expensive anyway (also will be free for everyone from next year). You are covered for the year following the birth of your baby for both prescriptions and dental treatment.
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Thanks for all your replies girls - I appreciate the advice. Its such a minefield!!! :thnk