Anyone else look fat not pregnant?

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Butttons Posts: 812
Hi girls, I'm 19 weeks now and no bump yet. I've put on 8/9lbs but it's gone everywhere rather than into a bump. DH said my back has got wider..(nice!). This is my second baby. I remember with ds I was the same but thought this time I'd pop sooner. I not really complaining but hate this fat feeling. I'm still in my normal clothes but my shape is different. My waist seems to have disappeared!! I'm conscious that I'll have to lose this weight after the baby is born as it doesn't seem to be baby weight, it's more like weight gain from over-eating. I am eating like a horse these days as nothing seems to fill me.... Anyone else the same?
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
I'm 10 weeks and def look fat. It's my 2nd child and even though I'm bloated and still waiting for my belly to pop. I'm also eating like a horse but its really just to ward off the sickness!
MrsScuttle Posts: 407
Im 21 weeks are just look wide!!! :) I have about 15Lbs on in total..