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wollysocks Posts: 1773
to be honest I don't really miss alcohol...I haven't been out for big nights with friends much so I think that saying that, I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I have had the v.v.odd drink...on hols, on 3 occasions I had glass of vino heavily diluted and other mini events coming up I am planning one glass - I am sure it does no harm...up to last year official advice from docs was that occasional drink was no fact some docs and consultants still say this- some of my friends have been told this...the thing is that it is not possible or ethical to conduct experiments to see how much alcohol actually is safe- they know large amounts aren't so they err on side of caution and advise against any alcohol.... I have talked to many women of my mother's generation who drank moderately right through pregnancy having never been told it might be harmful- their chidren suffered no ill effects...while not endorsing this I think it is useful to keep some common sense and not allow this to be another stick to beat women I say enjoy an odd tipple if that's what you want! and enjoy it guilt-free!
snowbear Posts: 2107
I'm having the odd drink and enjoying it. And I mean odd... one glass of wine maybe every Saturday night when out to dinner. I loooovveee my glass of wine and I feel less deprived sipping away on a small glass than I would abstaining altogether. It's important to pour your own though... a typical restaurant or pub measure is about two units so I stick to a small glass that I monitor myself. I mostly bring the car on nights out as well and I'm totally paranoid about drink driving so I use the same criteria for both - a small glass of wine early in the night and then loads of water so I'm totally sober for going home! TBH although I admire women who can totally abstain I'm happier this way. I can't wait for a big glass of red when babs is here but all my friends tell me I won't bother then becacuse the thoughts of getting up during the night with a fuzzy head will be too much!! Sure we'll see...
SGirl Posts: 2542
I dont miss it at all, but when i am feelin more energetic and well (soon hopefully) then i mite miss it. I have just avoided going out. I used to drink alot, I would drink on a saturday nite in the pub and have a few at home on fri and sun nite. I havent had a drink since finding out i am pregnant, but i will have one if there was an occasion, i just dont really bother as i would not be satisfied with one :-8 My 30th is coming up, I always imagined a big session for that, but will have to abstain :o0 Although i am sticking rigidly to the guidelines, i believe in my heart that they are all a bit OTT. I hate the PREGNANCY POLICE i reckon its up to the individual to make their educated decisions. Also i work with children with special needs and there is never a reason for their disability, except in the exceptional case of Fetal Alchohol Syndrome and in these cases the Mother has alchohol dependency.
maman Posts: 297
i would have killed for a glass of wine last night, we went out for dinner. Anything nice on the menu I couldnt have. Its all for a good cause though. I know that my mother drank her way through my pregnancy and i turned out normal (enough...) I wont be drinking except for the very rare occasion though, I suppose its a very personal choice and depands on what your beliefs are about the subject.
kopbabe Posts: 453
Yes I miss it!! I have had the very very odd glass of wine. Kinda think its pointless cos always stop after the 1. Im not really a big drinker but I love my glass of wine at home when watching tv or reading a book! Ah well, only 3 weeks to go and then see how breastfeeding goes but Im looking forward to guilt free glass(es) of wine!!! :wv :wv
red_rubies Posts: 2424
I have had the odd glass of wine throughout my pregnancy - again, mostly on special occasions. I usually have at least 3 or 4 ice cubes in my glass to water it down a bit (& make it last longer!) I don't feel one bit guilty as I don't (personally) believe it will do any harm as long as you're sensible. It's completely down to the individual person so I wouldn't condone or recommend it! Sometimes I can't believe I've gone practically 9 months without missing it that much cos I love going out & having a drink at the weekends. I think when you just know you can't, you just accept it & that's that!
greenandred Posts: 318
I miss it too - I do have an odd glass and I really enjoy it. Looking forward to the day when I can enjoy the bottle :o0
Mumslove Posts: 528
Not missing the alcohol at all, wasnt a major fan of it before becoming pregnant but I was out on Saturday night, as everyone else was getting tipsy, I was totally bored out of my tree and not very good company. Its horrible to feel that I have to be drinking to relax in the pub atmosphere, but in general I dont miss it one bit- plenty of time for all that
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I don't miss it when we're at home and DH would have a few beers at night (I'd have normally joined him!) ... but it's things like when we're out for dinner or at home with family dinners and there's a bottle of chilled white wine doing the rounds ... it's then that I'd gladly pass over being pregnant to him for a few days just to have a few glasses of nice wine! O-O I would have been a vodka drinker in the pub, but don't miss that at all. But we don't go out really anymore ... there's only so many Britvics / Lucozades I can tolerate in the night, and apparantly I'm no fun when I don't get all talkie talkie with a few drinks in me! :o0
Toots12 Posts: 894
I hear you!!!! I do indulge in the very odd glass of wine when we're out or having a nice dinner at home. I also drink non-alcoholic Erdinger beer which is lovely and refreshing, especially when the weather was warm. To be honest, I can't even taste the difference between it and alcoholic beer and it makes me feel more "included" (if you know what I mean) when I'm out in the pub with friends (which is becoming a rarer event these days now that I have a LO).