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dec2011B2B Posts: 452
Didn't miss the drink at all in the beginning, but as time moves on am really looking forward to a few decent glass's of wine, have had 1 on special occasions mixed with soda water to make it last longer :o0 :o0 Quite a few friends have said u never go back to drinking like u did before babs arrived I imagine a hangover and babies dont go well together :eek :eek
Suprise Baby 09 Posts: 70
Maybe i have my priorties all wrong or i am living in Cuckoo land, but i cant wait for a night out after baby comes, due on the 11th august. Plan on having a night out end sept-early october. Have not drank since found out i was pregnant
Fairywings Posts: 360
Im with most of ye girlies, I don't think there is anything wrong with the odd glass of wine. I haven't had one yet since we found out out new but then again its only been 7 weeks. If/when I do have a glass, itll be a sprtizer that way itll last longer. I know on my first I had the odd glass of guinness and I really enjoyed it too. I would say during the whole 9 months I probably had bout 6/7 glasses and that was including 2 weddings so thats not that bad. What I hate to see is women drinking pints or drink after drink in a pub when clearly pregnant, now thats a different story.
zoesmama Posts: 2774
i must admit i missed wine on both pregnancies. didn't miss anything else, beer, g&t's, baileys. champagne but i missed wine. couldn't stomach white wine or champagne at all but did have 1 glass of red wine most Friday nights. i would really really enjoy it and make that glass last so long. Fri night DH and I have always tried to make our night with nice dinner at home and a bottle of wine. put DS to bed early and it's the only night of the week that he doesn't eat with us.