Anyone else suffering from hives

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dunni Posts: 59
I'm destroyed in hives at the moment (got 4 on one leg) and the itchin is shocking. They have swollen up so much that I'll have to wear trousers into work in 2 hours (normally it would be a skirt). I believe this is also part of the couses but has this happened to anybody else and can you take anti histamine creams.
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Hi dunni I have had chronic hives throughout pg, though they have been more severe at some times than others. I had them primarily on my hands and feet so had to be tested for obstetric cholestasis, which is a liver function disorder of pregnancy.. tbh if you actually have a rash, that's unlikely , but you should always mention itching to someone in charge of you, medically speaking, so they can confirm it is just hives. In my case, I'm pretty sure it's hormonal but it gets severely exacerbated by heat! Things that help: You can take piriton (NOT piriteze) but to be honest it never really worked for me and the piriton you can take in pregnancy absolutely jiggers you (pregnant people are NOT allowed to take 'non-drowsy' antihistamines). I'd check with your GP/midwife first.. I had mine prescribed.. Calamine cream.. way better than lotion which is just messy and hard to put right where you want it.. stays on for longer too! Cooling the area down - I angled a fan at it with calamine lotion, but on days it got really bad, I found that soaking the area in ice water also helped. Also.. keep your calamine cream in the fridge. I tended to have a few tubs of it on the go at any one time. Avoiding itching.. when you can :o0 Baths and swimming.. again to keep the area cool.. I'm nearly 34 weeks pregnant and it never really went away. But it did become bearable (mostly) over time :wv