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s wife Posts: 1445
girls im just wondering if im alone here have to say im not embracing the whole pregnancy thing dont get me wrong im delighted to be pregnant ,but i hate been fat, not been able to breath ,not been able to put my socks on without some sort of struggle god the list can go on a friend of mine who had a baby last year thinks its a little weird that im not enoying been pregnant, am i alone here on this ???
Emme Posts: 4735
I wouldn't say it's weird. Everyone is different. I'm beginning to find it tough going! Plus the hormones are awful!!
babybliss Posts: 437
S wife, you’re definitely not on your own there ! Our baby is much wanted and I am delighted we’re about to become parents, but in all honesty, this pregnancy hasn’t been what I expected. I had a vision in my head that I will be glowing and gently stroking my bump when out & about and feeling great… Little did I know that by week 30 none of my normal shoes fit me anymore, my feet are so swollen I can only wear large runners :o0 I miss my social life and being able to have a drink after work. I miss dressing up in normal clothes and I am really really sick of peoples comments that I am massive and look like I’m ready to pop! I don’t want to moan constantly to my hubby, but it’s amazing how unsexy I feel and how hard it is to function normally when you feel like beached whale most of the time… I think it’s normal to feel this way and ones the babies are here, we have all but forgotten these emotions. So don’t worry too much, we’re getting there and all this will be worthwhile !
Mrs Sparklin Posts: 85
I hear you S wife. Same as yourself and babybliss am so thrilled to be pregnant, was told I had polycystic ovaries and would have little chance of conceiving and got pregnant more or less straight away. My sister actually loves being pregnant, but between constant morning sickness, even now at week 33, gallstones, which I developed during pregnancy, shortness of breath, constant feeling of my stomach stretching and exhaustion, I think pregnancy definately suits some people and not others. Like you I feel guilty giving out but I have two close friends who would totally agree with me and they would go so far as to say they hate being pregnant. Meanwhile my best friend had a care free pregnancy and would be all set to go again. Different horses for different courses but you are definately not alone xx
snowbear Posts: 2107
Don't beat yourself up. I'm delighted that there is a baby coming but I have to admit if I could lay an egg and let DH mind it I would :o0 I'm only half way there but the chronic rhinitis, sleepless nights, tiredness, grumpiness and various other things are getting me down (particuarly just this morning - I had a bad night!). I too have friends who sailed through it and others who worried and fretted all the way through... all had lovely babies who they adored at the end! I wouldn't worry once you are feeling fine about the babby itself... here is a great space to moan if you don't feel like admitting it in the real world! Mx
s wife Posts: 1445
thank you so much girls for your replies i now dont feel like the worst mother in the world to be :thnk
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
As much as I love the little kicks inside me, and knowing that there'll be a little person in our lives in a few weeks time, I would give my eye teeth for a straight 8 hours sleep and to be able to pick things up off the floor without needing a crane to pull me back up again! Pregnancy is not an easy thing ... I thought I would feel differently and "love" being pregnant. Now, I certainly don't hate it, or even dislike it, but I am definitely not "loving" each and every day ... particularly at night when I have restless legs, restless arms, painful hips and a never-empty bladder! :o0
lastminutebride Posts: 785
I think there's a whole spectrum, from Glowing Earth Mother through Get This Thing Out Of Me, and there's nothing wrong with being anywhere on that spectrum. I've been having (touch wood) a very easy time, nothing to whinge about, and I'm getting really fond of this baby, but yesterday I had to go get a dress for a big event and all of a sudden I WANT MY FIGURE BACK DAMMIT. It's not like I was Elle Macpherson to begin with, but I was a lovely neat size 8 and I had a wardrobe full of cool clothes that fit me and looked right on me, and now I have this arse and these massive 36Ds and nothing fits, and everything that does fit isn't something I would ever in a million years want to wear, and my body doesn't look like me any more, it looks like some completely alien body that for some unexplained reason I need to wear until further notice and I WANT MY B-CUPS BACK. Weirdly enough, I'm perfectly happy about the bump. I just want the rest of me to go back to looking like me. Not in a few months, NOW.
Sweetcheeks08 Posts: 317
Your definitely not alone!! I keep thinking that babs is stuck in my ribs the pain is that bad sometimes (like right now).. I love the fact that i've my own lil baby growing inside me but i really don't think i'll 'miss the bump' as i've heard alot of mothers do?? Are they crazy? I had really bad MS which turned into 24/7 MS.. My appetite is nearly gone.. :eek suppose it might be a good thing?? Don't enjoy any foods.. Can barely walk with the BH.. Aww i'm sorry for moaning but can't do it to DH.. He loves me being pregnant... O:|