Anyone else try Fitness DVD's?

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good2go Posts: 564
Just bought a "Yogalates" DVD.NEver used a fitness before but think this one is quite good. Anyone else use or try them?
joer Posts: 1617
I have a hiphop dvd, the Rosemary Connolly Slim and Salsacise dvd, Patsy Palmer dance fitness and 2 Carmen Elektra dvds, so I like to use them every now and then, specially the dancy ones! best of luck with it
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
I use Sonia from Eastenders one..cardio and toning. Took a few weeks off from it and did it abs and legs are feeling it today so it must be working!! I'm also trying to walk for 45mins every evening. Don't have much to lose but want to tone up as much as I can. Good luck :wv
FutureMrsL Posts: 231
I did the Vicky Entwhistle one last night (janice from Corrie) and boy did I sweat buckets! Just for the days you dont feel like going to the gym or walking. I'd say my neighbours felt the vibrations!
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
I'm a big fan of Davina's dvd - there are 5 sections of 20 mins each so you can pick and chose depending on your energy levels that day. Plus there is no excuse if it is pouring with rain. I also got the Angela Griffiths one but I don't think that is great. There are loads out there to choose from, some better than others, but it is important to get one that one doesn't get bored off.
kingdom girl Posts: 955
Id second davina dvd - i have the power of 3 one and i think its fantastic
Toblerone Posts: 2698
TBH girls , fitness dvds are only any good if you make the time to actually do them. The only thing that works for me is to try to do one every evening and then if I know/decide I can't do it at least I will have got some exercise in for the week. IMO the yogalates aren't really cardio w/o but are good for core strength and toning. The instant abs section on the Yogalates for weight loss will have you feeling it - ouchy!! You would prob need some walking/cardio dvd to help burn the fat. The Natalie Cassidy one is good and not too long. The new Davina one has different sections so you can decide how much time you have and do what you have time for. If anyone wants to try any for a while give me shout and i'll loan them to you. I have many many dvds as i find i workout at home better than in gym. I'm way too self conscious for gyms. :wv
daisy08 Posts: 41
daisy08 Posts: 41
Pilates Weightloss for Dummies is meant to be good.
good2go Posts: 564
thanks for the posts! I'm going to check out Davinas DVD now too,as I need some additional cardio workout. I did my second yogalates session just now,and my muscles are shaking.While its not a big cardio workout,it uses your own body weight in the form of resistance training which is nice and handy! (but not very easy!). so it says 28 days til you are guaranteed to see a difference,so I will keep you posted! Any other recommendations for cardio DVD's? (especially ones where you dont need additional props etc). thanks :wv p.s. DH mentioned last night he thought I'd put on weight around my stomach,hence all my questions :-8