Anyone else work in a call centre?

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lemon21 Posts: 366
And hate their job? Customer after customer, repeating the same script etc.. So boring and repetitive!
FastLane Posts: 252
Aw I feel your pain lemon, I don't anymore but did for a couple of years after college and you'd nearly be repeating the script in your sleep! In fact I remember answering my own phone a few times with 'thank you for calling...., Ann speaking, how may I help you?!' it's awful!! We had an American customer base where I worked too and they never believed that we were real irish people based in Ireland and would actually get really cross and be like, just tell me where you are, is it New York?! Mad stuff, we often said you could write a book with some of the questions and comments we got! Headwrecking too though at times, especially whwn busy and you've no break between calls, and my god the complaints!!! Deep breath and think happy thoughts, it won't be forever hun! ;-)
lemon21 Posts: 366
Tks for the reply fastlane :)
Livinginhope Posts: 421
Yes and I hated every minute of it. Customers are so rude, you ask them to hold and they continue to talk, you ask them there name at the end of a call and they ignore you and hang up O:| O:| Done it for about 3 months. I don't know how people do it permanently and spend years doing it.
Elban26 Posts: 2458
I used to work in one too. Can be very repetitive for sure. I was there for about 10 months. It wasn't too bad though, made some very good friends and we had some great laughs! Are you long in the job?
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Yes and it was the most mind numbing job ever O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| i was trying to sell credit card insurrance. Thankfully it was only a summer job.
geeklover Posts: 831
I've paid my dues. Two and a half years for my sins. I was very lucky though as was only on the phones for 6 months and was a team leader the rest of the time. On the flip side it meant the calls I did take were the escalated complaints. Never again. The positive though is that I made some of my best friends there and that was 13 years ago!
McLisa Posts: 1815
I worked in one for about 8 months - a bank call centre in Belfast and we covered all of Ireland and the abuse I used to get being based in Northern Ireland and dealing with customers in south accounts. I hated every minute of it not only the work but the company and having to account for every single minute of the day. I could write a book on the random calls I got, people would ring up looking a balance on their account but go nuts when I asked them for their account number as they were sitting on a bus and didn't want to say it. Another man rang me to complain one day, the bank used to give statements with holes in the side and they provided customers with a file to put them in. Then the bank changed the statement format and they no longer had holes and the man actually rang to complain that the bank no longer punched holes in his statement so why bother giving him a folder...if that's all you have to worry about in your life your a really lucky person!
lemon21 Posts: 366
im there since april last year, but was on maternity leave and just back there a few weeks ago (as i couldnt find any other job while i was on ML - went to 3 interviews and nothing!) i find it hard to make friends in the place too, as we are all on shifts so we take lunch/breaks at different times as there always needs to be cover O:|
moanna Posts: 1081
Oh god I worked in a very well know insurance call centre just after college I hated it I used to cry driving to work in the mornings I was told because I had a degree I would spend 6 months on phone and then b transferred to a different department 2 yrs later I was still there I actually hated it so much ( and I was only 22) I was a terrible employee rang in sick all the time, spent half the day smoking on my car with the ' wrong crowd' the icing on the cake was when I was in the phone to one of my friends and called the boss a fuck face and when I hung up I saw on my screen ' this called has been monitored by u guessed it ......fuckface!!!!!! :o0 In my defence she was a cow. Anyway got another shitty job miles from home just to get out of there but the call centre it was the worst job ever I'm morto now when I think what a pup I was :-8 Not mad about my current job now buys it's near home well paid ect I would never act like that now! I will never as long as I live deal with the general public again