Anyone elses hayfever at them?

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MiniBlingfor2012 Posts: 673
Hey ladies, Reckon the return of the good weather has brought my old friend hayfever back with a vengeance! I escaped pretty much last year with a few sniffles nothing major and put it down to a combination of the wet weather and growing out of it. Doesn't look like I've escaped this year though as the telltale tickly mouth/throat and constant running and itching in my eyes and nose has returned...I look very attractive right now :-8 Anyone any tips on what they used to help while pregnant? Thanks as always mamas and mamas to be! :thnk
neytiri Posts: 844
omg my hayfever has flared up bigtime O:| O:| O:| Have no idea what u can take for it tho...I have itchy eyes, snuffles & sneezing :o(
mookie10 Posts: 91
girls I'm in same boat, head feels like it's gonna explore and so sick of sneezing consultant said i could take a nasal spary such as beconase/pirinase. got prevalin as it's suitable for pregnant women, also half price in boots as moment. good enough job if you remember to take it before leaving the house, and you top up every 3-4 hours. only problem is it maks me sneeze uncontrollably for 5 mins after taking also got a little organic balm from holland and barrett which you put round outside of your nostrils, extremely expensive for how little there is and completely useless tbh best thing i've tried is sticking vaseline up your nose :o0 seriously just get a good blob of it and rub round inside your nostrils. it traps the pollen btw tablet antihistamines are a big no-no during preganancy
gopro Posts: 1801
piriton are safe til 12 wks n zirtek after 12 weeks living in them d last few days
MiniBlingfor2012 Posts: 673
Thanks ladies as always! Mookie10 I used to take beconase as well and same as it used to smell to me like pollen and would make me sneeze every time I took it :-8 I'll try it though for sure as this runny nose and bunged up feeling is gross! I keep meaning to do the vaseline cure but must get some clear stuff, I have the pinky tinged one in my bag and sure makes my nose even redder :yelrotflmaosmilie: Might ask about the zirtek as well, thanks yonex as i know the piriton ones can make you sleepy and I should be safe enough on these now. Thanks!