Anyone ever been interrailing?

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smartie pants Posts: 842
Myself and H want to take a break early in the new year, Maybe Feb or March. We're tired of going away for a week and lying on a beach, skiing isn't really an option so we were thinking of flying to one european city, coming home from another, buying an interrail pass and seeing europe on the cheap staying in hostels/B&Bs. We don't want to drive either! We'd be taking about 10 days in all, start/end points we can choose from Paris/Barcelona/Amsterdam/Rome. We're more interested in western europe this trip, France/Italy/Switzerland/Spain... Anyway, if anyone can recommend some places to go see or some places to avoid and any tips for travelling like this I would love to hear them. It's still just an idea at the moment. Thanks!
rop Posts: 1453
that sounds like a great holiday, i spent about 9 months inter-railing! there are thousands of places i could recomend - i would defo recomomend Germany, Austria, Switzerland, check out the region in southern germany called Lake Konstanz - its a paradise!
graceface Posts: 3632
ooooh I want to bump this up, I want to go interrailing next summer with friends and I'd love to know where people have gone and how they found it!! :o)ll