Anyone ever change their private consultant?

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Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I'm not very happy with the consultant I've choosen to go with in the Rotunda. I have been thinking about changing, but really not sure how to do it and tbh I'm nearly embarrassed about it. Has anyone ever done this before?
Dee-Lite Posts: 403
Hi Rocket Queen, I am really sorry to hear about how your consultant has treated you (seen the other thread on private in the rotunda) I went private last time as I wanted to also see the same consultant every time after my miscarraige. I have to say in general my consultant had a lovely manner and very sensitive to my circumstances. I saw him at 12 weeks and then quite frequently after that. I think he did that for all his patients. Anyway I know not all of the consultants see their patients with the same frequency but I have to say from what I read on your previous posts I can really sympatise and totally understand why you would want to change consultant. It is such an important and special time for you and there is absolutely no need for his comments. I think it is highly unprofessional and very insensitive of him to pass those comments to you on your last visit. While you are waiting for your next appointment do you think it would be worth ringing around some of the other consultants to check their availablility, you don't have to give any of your details just make a general enquiry to see if they are available. I'll pm you the details of my consultant but maybe see if you can get any recommendations for others too. Just see what your options are now and take time out to see if you would be better for you to change consultant at this stage. I know I would feel the exact same as you but if I was not happy I would look and see what other options were available and if another consultant was available and I felt happier I would change and just settle with the previous consultant and be honest that I didn't appeciate his comments or unprofessional approach. Anyway I hope I am not rambling too much just want to lend you my support and wish you the best with your decision.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Thanks DeeLite I appreciate that. I actually getting myself all worked up here thinking about how we were treated last time. I never got to see a midwife so no bloods etc done since 9wks. I told Cons I wasn't doing combined care but today I made app to be seen by my gp just to make sure all is ok. I think I might ring consultants secretary and explain that I'm not happy with how things are going. I really don't want to make a fuss, but at the same time I feel like I should be taken care of and to be seen every 4/5wks really isn't a lot to ask when you are a private patient....I was seen more often as a sp patient last time >:o( At the same time as saying all that I don't want to piss the man off! I might be stuck with him (so to speak) and need him on my side. Totally OT but while I've been typing all this the baby has been kicking me like mad :o0 :o)ll
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
Replied over on the other post RQ but def think you shouldn't be worrying about annoying the man with any worries you have, that's what he's there for. He might just have a very relaxed attitude & maybe by you not speaking up, he thinks everything is ok? Give his secretary a ring & explain your concerns or is there an email address you can get him on? Great that baby is kicking away :lvs
snowbear Posts: 2107
I actually understand the embarassment... it's a mad system, the Irish health service, you have to do all the work yourself, decide on private or public, ring around doctors, pay a load of money and then you are almost made feel as if they are doing you a favour.. I completely know what you mean. If it's any consolation I did feel like my doctor wasn't listening to me on one aspect of my health care and even considered changing him but it was an error of communication on both our parts and once it was sorted it was fine... and i'd go back to him in a heart beat. But that was a different doctor. I've read your other posts and tbh given the horrible situation you went through the last time I can't beleive he is not being more sympathetic. You had an awful experience and have every right to ask every question in the world no matter how small you think it is. It might be useful to have an honest chat with your doctor about how you feel - maybe bring DH and write down beforehand what ye want to say if you feel you will be intimidated on the day. Trust me. I know how intimidating the doctor's office can be. Otherwise I'd agree with the other poster and ring around and see who else is free. you may well lose some money but it might be worth it if all else fails. They usually book up very quickly but there is a chance there is more availabililty now because of the recession and fewer people going private. Best of luck... don't forget you are paying through the nose for a service... forget about his degrees and his white coat for a minute and remember you are paying for him to look after you and baby. I'm sure his medical skills are top notch but his communication skills have to be factored into the equation as well. Mx
BB1 Posts: 752
To be honest Im shocked he spoke to you the way he did (had a read of your other post), he maybe relaxed but its his job to understand that your not and who would blame you, he should be reassuring you that you can see him or call him whenever your worried. I also think he has some neck charging so much and then neglecting to see you between 9 and 21 wks, what exactly does he think he's being paid for? I think maybe giving his secretary a call for an informal chat about the situation is a good idea, I know thats its an akward situation but I dont think you should have to feel embarresed for his treatment of you I'm attending the Coombe but I have to say my cons is brilliant and I have never felt that im bothering him, quite the opposite, he always encourages me to come in or call if Im worried about anything, thats why Im paying for private care and I wouldnt be happy with it any other way.
Biancee fiancee Posts: 907
RQ, sorry to read about your difficulties with your consultant. I think that you should ring the girls in the private clinic and ask them about changing at this stage. You are still early enough in your pregnancy to change over ie not all other consultants would be booked up at this stage. I will pm you my consultants details whom I would whole-heartedly recommend. Please for you and your babys sake, don't let this lie. All it might take is a phonecall. I will ring the private clinic myself and ask for you if you like.. .no probs.
bride. Posts: 3014
Rq, I rang the private clinic to book in today, my consultant is €3,300 and will see me every 4-6 weeks from 12 weeks and weekly at the end. They also said if was ever worried to call ahead and pop in for a scan any time. They were so good to me. I also explained I'd had a rough time of it last time and they said if the same thing happens to call and the consultant will see me herself or else the private midwife clinic. That is the standard I want for over 3k. The conusultant I'm going with was personally recommended to me and is apparently very nice and down to earth. If you want her name, just pm. Do phone. The girls who answer the phones are lovely.
tilsun Posts: 4506
RQ I have no experience of this but I think you need to change if you're not happy. A) You are paying a lot of money and not getting the service you expected. If it was anything less emotional you would demand better service I am sure. B) You have a lot of weeks ahead of you and the last thing you need is to be apprehensive about visiting your consultant, asking questions etc. C) Now is the time to change, before you go further along and it really does become difficult. I would just say there is a personality clash and you feel you would be more comfortable with another doctor. Good luck