anyone ever havd a D+C?

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katiemomma Posts: 2690
Hi unfortunatley we have had a missed miscarriage. so our choice is to have a d+c or let my body naturally start to bleed but that could be a while before it starts to happen naturally. I dont know what to do. My mother has had 5 miscarriages and has had d+c many times and thought the natural way took too long and prolonged the feeling of loss for her. I have a scan next friday and must give my decision then. This is such a devestating time for us, dont know how Im going to make a decision. would love your experiences please. what was d+c like? how long did ye wait to ttc? were ye successful ttc? did ye miscarry again after d+c? Thanks girls. x meant to say I would have been 8+4 but was measuring around 6 weeks if that makes any difference.
Piggle Posts: 1770
If you can go naturally without the oral tablet I would recommend that way hun, I've had four miscarriages and three went that way, the last one just wouldnt happen, it was four weeks before they called us in and I had to beg them not to do a d&c, they gave me the oral tablet and it was the worst decision I ever made! The pain was too much!!! I think at the end of the day its very much your decision, but if you can go naturally then I would, you may start to lose before friday chick! Sorry to hear your news. Hope you are ok xxxxxxx
blondie77 Posts: 217
Hi CATaug09 Sorry to hear about your missed miscarriage, i had one too and its a horrible thing! I hope you are ok. I was 11 weeks when i noticed a slight bleed, went to hospital for scan who said our baby had died at 6 weeks so we were given the option of a d & c or to go naturally, i could nt face the idea of a d & c and decided to go naturally. I have to say it was the worst experience of my life, i was very ill ( OH had to go away with work and after a week of waiting nothing had happened but then nature kicked in!) I bled so much i had to call a friend to help me who in turn called the doctor as i was in such a state. After two days of this the bleeding reduced and i thought we were ok. I had a follow up scan to check and it turned out not everything had passed and i ended up having a d & c anyway :duh: :duh: :duh: For me it dragged out a horrible situation and looking back the d & c was so much easier to deal with. I m sure its different for everyone but i promise you there's hope after such a horrible time! Take care
Baby Dreams Posts: 33
Hi Cat, Really sorry you have to go through this. I had a missed MC last August at 10 weeks, but like you the baby measured much smaller. I chose to have a D&C as I would agree with your Mums opinion. I think it's a tough enough experience without the prolonged waiting, watching and pain. The D&C was tough, no denying it. It was a whole day of being questioned, prodded and poked, a general anasthetic and also such a highly emotional experience. I cried and cried, but the hospital staff were so kind and caring. Take your time, cry and grieve and remember your OH is going through the same. Other people will find it hard to know what to say, so many will just not mention it at all. I think only people who have gone through the same thing have any understanding of the emotional pain, the shattered dreams, the awfulness of a MC. I'm glad to say we TTC straight away and were successful the first month, I'm now 30 weeks. My gynae said there was no more or less chance of a second MC, and your body will let things happen when it's ready. The MC will take it's toll - you will be so worried that it will happen again, scared silly every day until twelve weeks and beyond. It takes away your innocence and tinges the brilliant news of another BFP with anxiety. I'll always remember the baby we lost, but I'm so excited to meet this baby in June, time moves on and you can get through this and look forward to a bright and happy future. Take care :action32
randomusername Posts: 2134
Cat, so sorry to hear of your loss. I had 2 mcs both missed. First one I passed but had to have a d+c to check everything was gone and second time I was brought straight in for a d+c. I couldn't have gone through passing it myself again. It was very painful and I feel it prolonged the emotional healing process. Hope you are ok hon, if you need to talk or anything give me a shout x
goldielocks09 Posts: 65
CATaug09, so sorry to hear your news it is devastating when it happens. :o( I also had a missed mc pretty much same as you, thought I was 9w but it had not progressed past 6-7w. I opted for a D&C as couldnt face waiting for bleeding to start, the procedure was absolutely fine just the emotional strain of it all but hospital were wonderful. Started TTC after 2 weeks but actually looking back emotionally was all over the place and probably should have waited. Got BFP 4 months after TTC and now at 11+7, so still early days but 2 scans on and everything looks good. It is a horrible path to go down but you will come out the other side no matter what your decision. :action32 Mind yourself.