Anyone experience of Tonsillectomy, adenoids and grommets

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lildolliesx2 Posts: 4
Hi ladies Haven't posted in the longest of times but wonder if anyone can relate. my DD2 had her tonsils and adenoids removed and grommets in her ears two weeks ago tomorrow. Still in a lot of pain and did have an instance of bleeding last week with a trip to A&E. All was okay but just to be on the safe side. She now is starting a cold and we have been told to expect it but she still seems in a lot of pain at night even with calpol and neurofen. She was on an antibiotic for the week which she finished last week. Do they really get worse before they get better. Not sleeping at night, lucky to get sleep in our bed as she is waking up every so often crying and lashing out. Have been giving her difene suppositories at night but doesn't seem to be helping much. Is it just plenty of TLC and get a routine going again in a few weeks. She cried so hard last night and for so long when I tried to keep her in her bed that I just gave in. Any feedback, tips would be appreciated. From one tired mammy to another.
lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
How does she seem by day? Does she have pain then? She could very well still be having pain so I'd give her the pain killers and comfort of your bed for now if that's what she wants. After a long stint in your bed she is probably going to be upset being put back in her own bed eventually but I guess explain it beforehand and then just be firm....easier said than done!! Is she old enough to talk about the experience? I wonder if she found it all a little traumatic or scary and if just talking it through with her might help too. Just a thought.