Anyone experience ths before?

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January Baby Posts: 1427
Hi Girls, Wondering if anyone has any advice-my AF was due last Sunday but no sign, did a test and got a BFN. Have had a few twinges etc but nothing, Then this morning I had some spotting, I've never had this before so did another test and got a BFN. I'm so confused really dont know whats going on, anyone experiences this. Wish AF would just arrive now so I can get it over and done with!
Delish Posts: 4176
hey sorry , i'm not sure what that could be, possibly implantation bleed. My very first signs of pregnancy was hot flushes and thirst, do you have either of those?
Topolino Posts: 1659
Hi, I had the twinges but not the spotting. Have you seen the thread by Mrs Married? She's asking a similar question. Best of luck.
January Baby Posts: 1427
Yeah Topolino I read her's but the only thing is I've [u:2ie55jah]never ever[/u:2ie55jah] had spotting before and Im a bit concerned because of this. Im off the pill 3 years and never had spotting even after coming off that so cant figure out why Im experienceing this now? Dont think I'm pregnant as I've done about 3 tests over the last week and all BFN,