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MrsB1982 Posts: 150
Hello ladies, I am hoping someone can help ease my mind for me! Am 5 weeks pregnant & had a m/c in march around 6 weeks so am quite nervous about the whole thing. You would not believe the night I have work today lying on the sofa like a battered housewife. Woke up in the middle of the night with the worst worst cramps ever. Thought I'd better go to the loo and check everything was ok, so went into bathroom & no blood or anything, but thought I had diarrhoea on the way (sorry TMI). Anyway, was on the loo, cramps getting worse and I thought I was gonna throw up too, started to feel really light headed and no joking, the cramps were so bad and I was so out of it that I thought I might be dying. Wanted to call dh but couldn't and then realised I'd locked bathroom door. I got up and tried to hold on to the sink but blacked out and whacked my head of the tap/tile/sink. Can't remember leaving the bathroom, but I know I was calling for dh, so I somehow got into the bedroom and collapsed on the floor and blacked out again. Dh then jumped out of bed and started panicking because he thought I was dead. He managed to get me into bed and phone the NHS 24 thing who told me I needed to go into A & E, so we were in A & E til almost 5 this morning just waiting listening to all the crazies and once the doc confirmed that I wasn't confused etc they told me to just go home. So I'm off today, I have a cut on my eyelid, a huge lump on my brow bone, a bruise on my cheek, chin, arm, chest, knees and head. The doc said I’m gonna end up with a huge blackeye! There was the tiniest tiniest amount of dark spotting last night but no more since. The hospital weren't really interested in hearing that I was pregnant, just about the head injury, which we both think the doctor suspected dh of giving me! They just said that fainting is a pregnancy symptom and getting up quickly can cause it, but I tried to explain that I was out of it before I stood up so I don’t know what’s happening. The cramping stopped soon after I collapsed the 2nd time, so I'm not sure if it was to do with baby or bowels (TMI again! Sorry!). I'll just have to keep an eye on things and speak to my doc today which is my first appointment to confirm pregnancy. I just hope that things aren’t going to go the same way again. I swear it was the scariest thing that has ever ever happened to me, I really thought I was going to die. Has anyone else experienced fainting like this before? Sorry for the length of this. xx
theoracle Posts: 7664
Oh you poor pet, it must have been so frightening for you! I think since you already expereincing this so early in the pregnancy you will probably need a lot of rest and monitoring. I presume you are going to see your GP as well? Discuss how you should be managining over your term. There are many reasons for fainting, such as being anemic, low blood sugar or getting overheated. In your case, it sounds like you might be suffering from low blood pressure, if it drops too much you would black out. Also the fact that you were on the toilet may mean that you have suffered from a drop in the blood pressure due to the straining to make a bowel movement, there is a nerve that would affect teh cicrulatory system and cause a drop in heart rate and blood pressure it is called the vagus nerve. However, I would strongly urge you to have all this checked out, as if you do suffer from low blood pressure in the first part of pregnancy it (normally) drops further, so you might in an extereme case be prescribed bed rest. It might have also been a once off, a combination of circumstances. Whichever way, I hope it works out and I wish you all the best.
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
MrsB1982, You poor thing, talk about having a hard time of it :action32 When I was 13 weeks pregnant I was shopping, browsing in Zara when I felt a bit whoozy, but kept going thinking oh maybe a bit of pregnacy sickness.. by the time i got to the counter I was seeing stars and my knees were like jelly, I quickly asked if they had a seat but my knees went so I feel to the ground. I never blacked out and luckily the kind lady behind me tried to catch me which softened my fall. A few people were looking at me like I was nuts for about 5 mins until I said I was pregnant and then I had swarms of people around me helping. For me it was my blood sugar but I remember being so worried about it. A friend of mine it happened from very early on and like the Oracle said it was her blood presure, she was off work on bed rest from 16 weeks on.. but it was worth it as both her a babs are flying it! Speak to your GP, tell him your concerns. Hope you feel better soon. :wv
MrsB1982 Posts: 150
thanks so much for your reply, to be honest I am really worried and am so cautious now every time i move in case I blackout again. I have never fainted in my life before and hope I don't ever again! My first appointment for my gp was today anyhow, so I suppose I'm lucky in that sense because I can normally be waiting for up to 2 weeks on an appointment. The doctor in a and e took my blood pressure last night and it was fine, but that was about an hour after I'd blacked out so it had probably regulated by then. I very stupidly googled in this morning and ectopic came up, but I'm trying to put that out of my mind, I'll just have to wait and see what the doc says. I feel like I've been in a fight and as I'm a teacher I'm kind of dreading going back with all these bumps and bruises because I haven't told work yet that I am pregnant so I'll just have to say that I don't know why I fainted. thanks again for your reply oracle. xx
MrsB1982 Posts: 150
hi mrs mum, thanks for your reply too. i feel better knowing that it has happened to other people. i think my case would seem better if i hadn't had all the falls that went with it. Dh says i've not to get up in the middle of the night anymore without telling him!
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Oh the poor thing probably got a desperate fright to find you like that.. Mind yourself and let us know how you get on at the doctors.
novice1 Posts: 276
Hi MrsB1982, I hope you are feeling much better now. What did your GP say about the severe cramps? I'm 7wks pregnant and last week i had really bad cramps that woke me during the night and I rang my gp next morning and she gave me a letter to go into the EPU and get an early scan to make sure that the preganancy was in the right place - uterus. Thankfully all is fine but if you are still getting really bad pains I would try to get an early scan to rule out an ectopic. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.
MrsMoneypenny Posts: 783
Hey there I fainted too during my pregnancy. I was 11 weeks at the time. It was my iron that was low and gp didn't wanna put me on iron till at least 14 weeks. I ended up off sick from work till I was about 20 weeks !!! You will be fine try not to worry. I believe it can be pregnancy related even though I didn't have fainting on previous pg! I too was scared I'd faint again and thankfully I didn't but did many many lightheaded moments. Best of luck for the rest of your pg!!!
MrsB1982 Posts: 150
thanks novice, my appointment isn't until half 4 so i'll post when i get back and let you know what he says. i would love it if he could push for an early scan but as i'm living in glasgow at the mo, its the nhs and they're not keen on doing things like that, but i suppose i could chance my arm and see what he says.
MrsB1982 Posts: 150
Hi ladies, just wanted to say thanks again for you replies and that i've been to the doctor and feel a bit better. he wasn't concerned about the cramps as there was no bleeding and said it was most likely caused by the diarrhoea :-8 tmi i know! he's gonna send me for an earlier scan, but that won't be for about another 4 weeks, which is pretty good for the uk as i wasn't due to have my first until 13-14 weeks. he said the faintness is very common in early pregnancy and advised me to tell my work as i am a teacher and have primary 1 (first class) this year and am due to have a HMIe inspection in a few weeks :ooh don't know how i'm gonna get through that! anyway, i'm trying to not worry too much, easier said that done, but i am just focussing on the fact that there was no blood and fingers crossed there won't be. thanks again xx