Anyone familiar with Kilkenny City ?

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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Hi im from Galway but got my wedding dress in Cameo bridal Kilkenny. Going down on the 19th for my 2nd fitting and i really need to get 2 other dresses one for my hen and one for the day after the wedding. I have seen a few nice ones in Oasis,Coast and Warehouse in Athlone i just dont have the time to try them on so just wondering if any of these shops are in Kilkenny city and if yes where abouts so i could pop in while im down there and see if i can pick up anything.
Snowfox Posts: 66
Hi, Goods on the High Street have Oasis and Coast concessions. They're not huge areas but have most of the stock I think. I'm nearly sure Warehouse is in there as well but not 100%. Hope this helps! Snowfox
michelle13 Posts: 290
hi wharehouse is in goods along with oasis and coast like previous poster said. enjoy the shoppping!
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
There is also a few lovely boutiques ( Susanne Bells, Serendipity etc) on the same street as Cameo that have some fab dresses in there. Enjoy the shopping :o)ll
papillon Posts: 1305
I'd also suggest Susan Belle (near Cameo) or maybe Tempted on John St. There's a new shop too Ten, I think it's on the Parade. In fact I'm not even sure if that's the name but they were on Xpose. Casa Dora upstairs as well does formal wear (market cross) have fun!