anyone fancy analysing my dream last night?

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rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
it started off it was christmas...and myself and my family were giving our gifts.. i couldnt find any of the gifts i'd bought and thought i'd forgotten to buy them altogether! i was searching for my mums gift and my dad walked in and started talking to me...i couldnt tell you what it was about..then my mum came in and my dad started telling her that i'd written a song for her xmas present and he started playing guitar and singing and i'm stood there just mumbling along..any old crap..I WAS MORTIFIED and i felt so sorry and guilty that i hadnt gotten her a proper present.. anyway...a few minutes later i was back upstairs and i went into my wardrobe and found all the presents i'd bought... turns out i'd been so organised i'd bought them months in advance and forgotten all about them... i gave them out and then woke up..
mrs aug 07 Posts: 817
Moral of the story- Dont Forget where you put the preesents this xmas!! :wv
clucky Posts: 26471
well i analysed it and i came up with 1 you wish it was christmas 2 you cant sing 3 you should clean out your wardrobe more often
Shin Posts: 8515
i could be wrong RNR m'love but it sounds to me that in reality you're trying to make time for everyone and are there times you really miss your family and feel guilty for being away from home (even though you've no logical reason to be). you could also be worrying what their impression is of you to leave the flock so to speak and you get a bit panicky from time to time and are conscious of the fact that they're there and you're here. The fact that in your dream you found your presents signifys to me that no matter how frequent or infrequent you contact them or see them, the end result is all ok as you the significance of the presents isn't as inanimate as you'd think. My theory would be that the 'presents' represent your actual family and and you do exactly just that at the end of the day........You find each other. !!!
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
[email protected] CLUCKY AND MRSAUG07 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 Shin...i reckon you could be right on a few of the points.. i don't really feel guilty about being here and them being in england though and its not that i worry about what they think of me leaving the flock...i know for a fact they're delighted for me and proud of the fact that my confidence grew enough for me to be able to take the step to move. i personally reckon its telling me that there is such a thing as being TOO organised...cos i constantly worry that i'm getting scatty and need to be more organised.. and i reckon my parents were brought into it cos they're coming over tomorrow for the weekend so they're on my mind...