Anyone feel like this at 13 weeks?

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Bear Posts: 671
Hi girls, hope everyone is as well as can be expected. So far I heven't experienced much sickness and I seem to have got over the absolutely exhausted stage. However I woke up this morning, hadn't enough energy to dress myself, only managed to eat about half my breakfast, which I have been wolfing down since I got pregnant. I still have a headache and generally feel crap. Forced myself to go out and grab a sandwich which I only ate half of and then nearly passed out walking across the street back to the car. I'm into my second trimester but have put on hardly any weight. I'm starving constantly til about lunch time, but when I try to eat anything after that I feel so full and bloated I can only manage a couple of mouthfuls of my dinner. Maybe this is why I feel so crap, the only nourishment the baby is getting is from weetabix, orange juice, a cereal bar and a ham sandwich. Sorry for being so longwinded but had any one else felt like this?
breeze Posts: 1175
You could try and eat small bits throught the day. I usually have my breaky of cereal, toast & tea. 11.30 some fruit, 1pm a small ham sambo. That usually does me until my dinner and i would be lucky sometimes if i finish that. Maybe try that
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I remember being worn out around your stage. I was never particularly hungry and a few mouthfuls seemed to fill me. I used to walk every lunchtime from Pearse St to Stephens Green but when I'd do it at your stage I'd nearly pass out on the way back to the office. I felt that way for a few weeks, if I remember right :-8 Just make sure you don't get dehydrated - keep dirnking loads of water and baby will be fine Take care, it will soon be a distant memory and you'll have loads of energy :xxx
Bear Posts: 671
sorry posted twice
Bear Posts: 671
thanks breeze, I might try that and have a couple of snacks in the afternoon instead of trying to eat a big dinner
Lady Muck Posts: 19
Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit crap. All your insides are being pushed around the place to make room, so I'm sure it's all totally normal to have good and bad days. Do try to eat little bits though if you can, it might be hard to eat a big meal when you're not feeling the best. Hope you feel better soon!
Wannabamama Posts: 481
Bear, sorry to hear your not feeling great. I have good and bad days, some days i have lots of energy and some days im falling asleep at my desk. My appetite if fine at the moment but during week 12 i was unable to finish anything i started to eat. I was hungry before i started but after a few bites i just could not eat anymore. I wouldent be too concerned smaller regular meals seem to be working for me at the moment.
Bear Posts: 671
Thanks for the replies girls. Wannabemamma, hopefully this stage won't last long and my appetite will be back to normal soon. Just can't help worrying that the baby isn't getting the nourishment it needs
Bear Posts: 671
Lady Muck just realised that you are a triplet of myself and wannabemamma!
Lady Muck Posts: 19
I know! It's mad I love looking at our tickers! Actually Lady Muck is just an alias, I'm one of the regulars, I just cant reveal myself yet. I'm a bit morto! Scan tomorrow, so I will unveil myself then please God! :o0