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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all, Id really like if some of you could help this morn, I have been awake most of the night with pains / aches in stomac and sides. Id turn from one side to the other and back, but then sometimes Id get a period like pain down low in stomac. As you can see from my ticker Im almost 24 wks, so has anybody experienced this..... When I got up there and walked downstairs and back up the cramps, pains, aches seemed to completely ease off....When in bed last night, every time I turned it was like my belly was heavy pulling down on the side I was lying, prob cuz it is carrying a babs! Is what I was telling myself anyway. I put a pillow under stomac and it did help me get some sleep.... Can anybody advise or tell me ye were the same and its just stretching Im feeling or what do you think???? I have felt babs kick away this morn and it does seem a bit lower than other days so Im hoping its just moving and it is stretching Im getting, I have only really got bigger in the last wk as I was v small. Sorry for the rant, anybody help???
ohsotired Posts: 7071
It sounds to me like growth & stretching! I'm a first timer too but from what I've read it's really from 20+ weeks that the 'mega growth' starts so things will start changing much quicker than before! I'm sure some more experienced wollies will put you at ease!
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks for that, I am really hoping it is growing pains etc, I wakened dh and told him and he just said ah you poor thing Im sure its just stretching....He has such an ease about him. But when you have them you just worry. When Im moving I seem ok, I might take a shower and see how I feel then. They have eased off since I walked bout. Ill take it easy today I think and hopefully see what happens....Thanks for the reply
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
defo sounds like growing pains. 2 nights ago i hardly slept all night, my hips were sore, back sore, bump was sore, i felt massive and then when i got up the next day, my bump was actually bigger! its amazing how it works! mine seems to grow in spurts, every few weeks, then settles for a couple of weeks. early on stretchy pain was very sore for me, i had to get oh to turn me in the bed cause i just didnt have the muscle power in belly to do it, mainly cause the pain was so sore. take a rest today and see how you get on. keep an eye on baby movements and if anu changes, then call mat hosp. your babs is still small and sumersaulting so can change pos easily still. changing pos can be quite sore on moms. your right to be aware of different feelings and knowing what feels right and what might feel wrong. call hosp though if any concerns HTH
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks a mill for that, that sounds exactly how I was feeling last night, since I got up and walked around earlier pains gone, after sleeping for a while and felt babs kick away, so hopefully it is all just growing, prob get up now tomor and bump be much bigger :o0 Thanks girls :wv
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Im 3weeks behing you (21weeks) but Im having same pains as you since Thursday. I think babs is goibg through a growth spurt. Also babs is doing alot of moving so I guess its trying to get comfortable.
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Just another suggestion, if it goes on a couple of days get to the gp as it could be a kidney/bladder infection. I had awful cramps for a 2 days and when I went to the gp it was a bladder infection. I'd never had one before so had no idea what it was like. Felt better about 6hrs after I started the antibiotics.
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks all very much, I am after been out all day and taking it easy. Still have a slight pain but it up high on side like a stitch, so I am def hoping that it is just stretching. I was perfectly able to walk about all day so the pain from last night def gone. But great about info on kidney bladder infection. I have to make app for doc for this wk anyway so depending on if pain goes Ill see when Ill make it for. Having said all that, dh was saying dont forget I was after using a steam cleaner last night for bout an hr and was stretching and bending so that may have something to do with it also....Thanks so much you're all so good and completely put my mind at ease.... :wv
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks so much for replying, I took it easy all yesterday just looked about shops then relaxed on couch with dh for the eve, pains completely gone around bump and its kicking away. Then had full nights sleep just took it easy when turning in bed and this morn only have pain in side on right and into my back on right side. So the more I think of it the more I am thinking it def is stretching phew.... I have an app this wk with doc so will def mention it to her. Its later in wk :wv