Anyone find a good price for a Bugaboo Chameleon?

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Bella100 Posts: 62
Hi there, trying to pick a "Travel Management System" known to me just a few short pre pregnancy months ago as a pram. I think I've decided on the bugaboo, its just so much lighter than the others on the market and I really like the fact that everything can be taken off and machine washed. It is a bit pricey though. Was in Tony Kealy's. They are excellent there, but if I can source it cheaper I would like to follow up on it. Tony Kealy's are quoting €1150 for the usual package ie including extras such as rain cover and also the maxi cosi car seat. With the isofix base for the car that brings it up to a total of €1304. Has anyone found it for a cheaper price? Also, if anyone has one and is now regretting not just getting a less expensive model, your feedback would be welcome. Thanks. Bella
mamabelle Posts: 1101
When I was shopping for a double buggy I found somewhere in the UK that were cheaper than anywhere in Ireland including delivery - then I spoke to Little People in Dublin and they said they would match the price - might be worth buzzing them.
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
Hi Bella, I bought that package in Kealys & it was 1150 including the isofix base, just picked it up today. That's kinda a saving :-)
Bella100 Posts: 62
Thank you both for your replies. Surprisenumom, you made me look at my quotes again, you are right, the 1150 price includes the isofix, the higher price was the price they had reduced it from...I think my head was frazzled with all the quotes I got when I went looking on Saturday :-8 . On the upside, I already feel like that is a saving, 1150 now sounds much more affordable than 1304, on the downside, its these kinds of maths that has the country in the state its in :duh: Mamabelle, will definitely check out littlepeople, thanks for the tip :wv