Anyone finding is hard to start?

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FutureMrsL Posts: 231
Hi guys, Had myself all revved up to start Jan 01 and even though busting out of clothes after deliberately over indulging at xmas,(cos I would be dieting all year!) now finding it really hard to start. Commuting an hour each way to work at the mo so finding it impossible once I get home, starving, to eat and set off again. Please please tell me someone else feels my pain?????
garran9 Posts: 4401
Oh, I feel your pain! However, I just look at a photo of myself that I hate the most and cringe :o( O:|
FutureMrsL Posts: 231
Has it inspired you to start Garran9?
garran9 Posts: 4401
As regards, healthy eating , yes!! Exercise starting on Monday when my aerobics classes resume!!
CoraCora Posts: 170
I have a really dreadful fat photo of myslef to stick to the fridge door...hopefully that will help
rathkenny Posts: 936
I have a little note book that I'm using as my food diary (I'm doing WW) and I keep my worst, fattest photo ever in there. The note book comes everywhere with me so if I'm feeling tempted I look at the photo it reminds me why I'm doing it! :wv
Chick Flick Posts: 498
Rathkenny thats a great idea ! was going to stick one on the front of the fridge but then again I want to keep away from the fridge :o0 Cant wait until the classes resume next week and just get back into it again