Anyone get a BFP at home but BFN at doctors?

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MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Am about 12 DPO. Got a pos on Clearblue Digital last night. Doctor's test showed a really really barely there line. Don't have any symptoms. Will test again in the morning with the other digital. Think I've heard that the doctor's test aren't great?
LizaMinnelli Posts: 171
Hey there Yes my GP was surprised he got a positive on his tests as I was only 16 dpo when tested. He said his weren't near as sensitive as those you can buy on the high street. Clear Blue and First Response are the most sensitive you can get. Congratulations! :o)ll
Synergy Posts: 2768
Yep!! Congratulations!!!! I got the faintest of faintest lines on a home pregnancy test and got a bfn on the doctors but he told me that a positive is a positive :hyper:
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
Congrats. They say not to go to doctors until period is a week late as their tests aren't as sensitive
Silini2 Posts: 3834
Yes def. I was five weeks pregnant with dd1 and barely managed to get a line in gp test. Fingers crossed for u xx
CherylC Posts: 1071
Yes - it happens all the time. Their tests are not very sensitive. Many GPs including mine don't even bother to do a test anymore as the home ones are so good. Mine just took my word for it that I had got a positive test at home and went from there to discuss the pregnancy.
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
I didn't even think GPs did a test! Mine didn't on any of my pregnancies
Northernbelle Posts: 75
My doc didn't even test me as their tests are far less sensitive than the home ones so she said to go with what they say - I'd done clearblue and first response. So i'd say celebrations are in order! Yay! :o)ll
MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Thanks for the reassurance all. Hopefully you're right!