Anyone get a good online deal on a Bugaboo??

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babylove08 Posts: 254
Hi everyone, Im just wondering if any of you have boughgt a bugaboo online and made savings. i like the pram but there is no way i could justify spending that much on a pram so wondering if anyone has got good deals on the net so i can presuade my DH it not that expensive :o0 :o0
steen Posts: 1335
Try this website: I know one of the girls got hers through it and got a free car seat. I bought my Quinny from and found them brilliant too. Best of luck
redwifey Posts: 2932
I just emailed the above website you mentioned Steen so fingers crossed they deliver to Ireland. The price is really good.
MGTE Posts: 471
Redwifey, I just rang them out of interest for my SIL, they do deliever to Ireland for £25 extra but they won't have any in stock for another 4 weeks.
ellee Posts: 666
Hi, I just bought a package deal on , it worked out at £547 for bugaboo bee buggy (with usual rain cover etc) baby nest foot muff maxi cosi car seat adaptors I think it was a vg deal >:o) that includes delivery to Dublin which was £28. Mothercare in dublin are also doing bugaboo bee, baby nest and foot muff for €498 I think which isn't bad. Best I found on the high st anyway. You have to buy the yellow one tho. hth
redwifey Posts: 2932
Thanks for that MGTE, as you can see I am not in any hurry for it anyway. I contact Pramworld and they seem to have a better offer for £799 - it includes everything the other website has plus the footmuff and the Maxi cost car seat with the Isofix base. £40 delivery charge to Ireland. The way the foreign exchange rates are now it is working out much cheaper. Must price it up in euro over here for the whole lot.
chloe01 Posts: 33
redwifey Posts: 2932
Just emailed them also, thanks Chloe.