anyone get married at around 20 weeks pregnant!!??

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Emsey Posts: 76
just wondering did anyone out there get married at around 20 weeks wondering how much letting out of original wedding dress has to be done and how noticeable was bump??? am luckey that my dress is empire line so im hoping for the best!!
nea dude Posts: 749
I didn't get married at around 20 weeks, but if it's your first baby (your uterus expands for the first time)then you there won't be much alteration needed for the dress, it shouldn't take from the design or fall of the dress. You'll just need it to be let out to give you room to the front
fantac Posts: 4109
i got married at 30w - needed a reasonable amount of alteration!! but if you were asking if id do it again, i'd say no way, i was so stressed and exhausted and i always wonder is that why bubs had such awful colic when she was born. sorry to be negative, but i do wish someone had told me before i decided to go ahead with the wedding. :wv
dreamer Posts: 3941
Heya, Congrats! I got married at 16wks. But my body hadn't changed at all really at that stage apart fron fuller boobs. However, three weeks later there is noticeable changes (literally this week) However, if its your first and your dress is empire line with a flowing or flowy type dress, I wouldn't worry too much. Just keep trying it on!!! Best of luck
McSquigg Posts: 174
Hi there My friend got married at 20 weeks and bought her dress with this in mind. She picked an empire line dress and got the dressmaker to take out the zip fastening at the back and convert it into a lace-up back. It worked perfectly and she looked gorgeous. From personal experience, i'm around 18 weeks now and have a definite bump but it's my boobs that are the problem. They've become huge and were the reason i had to stop wearing some of my normal clothes quite early on. But, your dressmaker should be able to let the top of your dress out a bit to accommodate any changes. Best of luck!
fmb Posts: 9
Hi emsey we've just been confirmed pregnant this week and our wedding is all set for jan 09 :xox i had bought my empire line dress 2 months ago as soon as i saw it i knew it was the dress for me but hadn't banked on a bfp... but we're thrilled and i will be 20 weeks by the big day i hope the dressmaker will do her magic with alterations
Emsey Posts: 76
me too..have been onto a dressmaker and im bringing my dress to her on wednesday hopefully!!! think we might be ok aswell as its empire line and hopefully hide a multitude!!! are you going to tell everyone before the wedding? im tinking i might have to...i just hope all the stress isnt too much for us...what are you going to do about your hens?? was thinking i might just do a spa weekend with everyone and hope it doesnt turn into a booze fuled w.end!!!!!!