Anyone get married while 1/2/3 mths pg??

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audreyhepburn Posts: 31
Hi All you Mums 2 B & Mums, Just wondering if any of you were pg on your wedding day?? In a bit of a dilema about when to start TTC........... Any advise is much appreciated!! :o)ll
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Not me. But I'm just wondering why you don't wait till after you get married? You don't know how you'll feel when you're pregnant, and it would be a shame to be suffering from morning sickness or exhaustion on your wedding day, or watching what you have to eat or drink. It's one of the best days of your life, but that's just my opinion, maybe you have your reasons for being in a hurry. HTH
luigi Posts: 867
Im not much help; we're in the same situation. I am coming off the pill in August and all being well TTC from September around 1 month from the wedding. Having been pregnant before I desperately do not want to be at the 6/7 weeks stage when I get married as I felt ehausted and emotional. I was also really bloated and thats not what I want for my wedding day. I know its exciting TTC but we're starting just immediately before the wedding rather than too early as the tiredness and morning sickness is pretty rough at that first stage and you want to look gorgeous the day you get married; not like a zombie. Many women feel absolutely fine in early pregnancy but with my experience Im just not going to risk it :wv
lal Posts: 403
I would wait. You wouldn't' be able to fly anywhere on honeymoon and if you had a rough time with sickness etc., it'd be tough. I got married last year and I found my wedding stressful to organise (though well worth it!) I'm almost eight weeks preg. now :) and having a lovely easy time touch wood, not much nausea, just very tired but what i do notice is, in work, stress really gets to me. I kinda feel like I should be cocooned in a little bubble, away from the real world (which I'm not, at all!!!). What I'm saying is that for me, little things seem harder to organise etc. now and I don't really want to interact with people as much as before. I'm sure it'll pass and maybe not everyone feels it but it just makes me very glad that I'm not doing anything major this year except have a baby, please God! Of course, the other issue is God forbid, anything went wrong and you had to go on bed rest or something, your wedding might be negatively effected, ....I know that's a very small chance, but if you are considering all the pros and cons, you might want to consider that. If I were you, Id get married first, even consider bringing the wedding forward if poss if you want to get started and then get stuck in to ttc as randy newlyweds!! Of course, people get married in early preg. all the time and its works out great and any time is a great time to get pregnant if that's where your at but they would just be things that I would think about :) Good luck whatever u choose lal
chilledout Posts: 834
I was 12 weeks pregnant when we got married. Not planned that way at all but it worked out fine. I was very tired for the first few weeks of the pregnancy but by 12 weeks I was fine and wasn't showing so still fit into my dress. It was pure luck though. I wouldn't have planned it that way. A relative of mine was 7 weeks pregnant when she got married and she had to have injections that day to stop her throwing up her morning sickness was so bad. We had to cancel our honeymoon too which was horrible! It was worth it though for our little man, but if I had that chance I would have waited til after the wedding to get pregnant.
summer daisy Posts: 1336
I second what chilledout wrote, I was 7 weeks pregnant on the day I got married and had to cancel our honeymoon. It was well worth it but if I could I would probably have waited a few extra weeks!!
Carly80 Posts: 49
I was 9 weeks pregnant on our wedding day and had a brilliant day loved every minute of it but then I was very lucky I have had no morning sickness at all and felt fine. We flew to Mexico for our honeymoon 2 days later for a fortnight and it was the best holiday ever apart from me not drinking it was no different than if I wasn't pregnant. We're home now and looking forward to our baba in nov. Everyone is different but for us it just was the icing on the cake and made the day even more special. Best of luck :)