Anyone get the Graco Symbio travel system?

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Daisy Day Posts: 376
Hi girls, Just about ready to buy this now (I think!) after being bamboozled for ages. I am a little concerned about the car seat that comes with it (Logica HP I think it's called). The reviews on line are pretty good but there are some comments about how big it is and how baby may be more upright than they should be? Just wondering if any of you bought this system and what you thought overall and if there were any issues with the car seat? Thanks! :wv
coolasabreeze Posts: 11
Hi Daisy Day, I've got this system and find no fault with it. DD is happy out in the car seat and don't think she was very upright in it though she's my first so I've no other reference! It's really easy to roll around though the car seat is pretty heavy to carry but I imagine they all are. I love it but again I've nothing to reference! coolasabreeze
gunadeas Posts: 143
Hello I have this as well and I love it,I found the car seat fine to be honest,my little one always was very comfortable in it.The only thing I would change about it is the little basket at the bottom.I love the fact you can flip the handle its a godsend when you are in a small lift or trying to get out of a tight space. Hope that helps.Best of luck with you new arrival.
Daisy Day Posts: 376
Thanks for the feedback girls! We just picked up the system this evening - got it for 499 in Smyths (after seeing it for 799 in Eurobaby only 2 weeks ago :eek :eek ) so we're delighted.