Anyone getting lower belly pains when they stand up? 9 weeks

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LoloOct08 Posts: 343
Hey girls, Am almost 9 weeks now, wondering if anyone else is getting lower belly pains when they get up from a chair or whatever? sometimes they're quite bad and I need to sit back down again, it takes my breath, eases in a few seconds though. I know there's loads going on down there with everything starting to stretch - just hope it's nothing to worry about. thanks :thnk Lolo
mama Posts: 126
Hi lolo, I too get this and am coming up for 16 weeks, if I have been sitting for a while and then get up I am unable to straighten up normally for few sec's 5-10, then when I start walking can still feel a twinge which goes away after about a min of walking around. It started a few weeks ago, stopped for a few weeks and has now restarted this week. Haven't been overly concerned with it as I just presumed the baby was laying on my pelvis (or around that area anyway) But if anyone else knows what else it could be would love to know xx
sinion Posts: 6050
Yep, have a look at evenstar's thread from earlier, same thing discussed there (the one about sneezing) I get them too with any kind of fast movements, standing up too quickly, sneezing or coughing, moving up steps too fast, all the girls seem to have them so they seem to be just tender stretched muscles. Try and get up slowing if you can!