Anyone getting Vaginal Pain/Ache?

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glover Posts: 188
Hey girls, Just wondering if anyone is suffering with pain down below. Its really hard to explain but its worse at night time when Im trying to turn over and I have it pretty much on and off for the last week or so. Its like an achy or full feeling is how I can best describe it but its just SO uncomfortable and I dread going to bed every night. Also notice it after I sit down for a while. Wonder if its ligaments stretching or something like that? Or should I be more concerned and go to doctor about it? Anyone else finding this? Another 7 weeks of this :o(
march2009 Posts: 56
ive been getting sharp pains down below esp at night, trying to turn in bed is a real mission these days!!im 37wks now and i think ive prob been getting it from around 30-ish wks. i did mention it to my gp and he basically said its my pelvis moving apart becase of the hormone elastin. if your worried tho i would just mention it nxt time you have an app. as far as i know there is a belt you can get from the physio dept if it is really painful but as mine is just mostly at night (although like you i would gt it after sitting for a while) i havnt bothered getting the belt we were also told at out ante natal classes if you have to turn at night try keeping legs together, same when you are getting in and out of bed and car as much as you can. they also recommended that if it sore going up and down stairs try to take each step with both feet iykwim, basically i think main thing is to try not to spread legs too much. also im just hoping that pain now might mean labour is a litte easier if everything stretching already.....mayb a little niave of me as im a 1st timer but it makes the pain more bearable to think it mite make things easier! hth
blondiechick Posts: 1641
I had this when I was pregnant with DD. It's normal. A load of the girls on the thread with me at the time had the same thing! Don't worry!
Penny_Bride2Be Posts: 254
I had the exact same symptoms as you Rosiebelle and my doc diagnosed it as round ligament syndrome. Seemingly very common especially on your first pregnancy. It's just the ligaments stretching and pulling on your pelvis. He advised that I use a heat pack when I get home from work and again before bed and it has definitely made a difference. He also said just to take it as a sign to slow down a little during the day- I'm on the go non-stop until I get home and then die on the sofa for an hour. When I try to get up then it hits me, and like you in bed its sore too.
glover Posts: 188
Thanks for replies girls, it all seems pretty normal so. I suppose the fact that its not constant makes it a bit easier but when its there is SO sore isn't it. I overdid it a bit today sorting out boxes (we have recently moved) and was so sorry afterwards. Now in bed for the night and I can feel it starting off again. I sometimes wonder how it will feel to push a baby thru there if its that painful down there already!!!! AAHHHHH! Dont even want to think about it :o0
footprints Posts: 49
I'm 22 weeks and have had this for the last 5 days or so only thing is I have the pain all day anyone have it during the day when on the go rather than at night? I'm starting to walk with a waddle because it's so sore, it's really sore when I walk. It's almost like I was kicked down there, stingy sore. Is it normal to have it constantly or should I be worried? Thanks x
lucyloo32 Posts: 957
i was SO wanting to post about this earlier in the week, but thought other wollies would think i was a weirdo and say that i was imagining it! :o0 i have this something savage, i thought it was horrific thrush so have been using pessaries (oh lord the pain of putting them in is unbelievable!!!) and cream but its like the muscles 'up there' are straining or something and are incredibly sore, when im walking or turning over in the bed or heading up the stairs ive such a pain INSIDE iykwim... i thought it was some mental infection (which wouldnt make sense.. seeing there has been no DTD in months.... ... is this kind of what you mean.
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I have that kind of pain, its caused by the pelvis opening slightly at the front. When I turn over in bed the pain is horrendous and sometimes the bones crack and click. I won't be sorry to see the back of that!!
lucyloo32 Posts: 957
oh and while we are at it... add to that pain the occasional small wee that just happens... ive taken to wearing a pad.. i could just be standing, walking up the stairs or getting up from the sofa... MORTO :-8 :-8 :-8
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Heres your sister, I cannot go anywhere without a panty liner these days. :-8 :-8