Anyone go sick before Maternity leave commenced?

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wifetobe Posts: 1438
I REALLY don't know if I will last until the end with my back girls - having physio etc and doing excercises but have missed a good few days already and as the weeks go on it just gets more intense and more painful. Would it be treated as normal sick leave up until you are due to go? Im not planning on going off sick but if I had to? My doc has already suggested it but I really don't want to-would be soooo boring.
2to3 Posts: 182
Hey wifetobe I work in the civil service Education Sector - and I have been told that once my maternity leave is signed off (which it has been this week !!) that any leave you need to take before you were originally due to go on maternity leave is considered as sick leave - once it is covered by a doctors note. I am anticipating problems with my back as have three degenerated discs in my spine - but if I need to be off - will just get doc to give me cert and can rest assured its not counted as mat leave. Hopefully if you investigate it would be same for you back pain is no joke - have you gotten the excercise ball - i find this great to sit on for about 30 mins in front of telly - gives a good bit of relief.
mammak Posts: 489
Hey, ya its normal sick leave- i was out for about 3 months with ds and it was paid - work for HSE - and then maternity pay/leave started as normal after. Best of luck chick :xox
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Thanks v much girls hopefully it will be ok...xx