anyone going to ww for a weigh-in tonight??

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charli Posts: 5994
Hi girls, fellow weight watcher-ers i started back last thurs after a few very, very bad weeks (maybe months) and tonight is the first weigh-in. feel that i lost maybe 3lbs :? how was everyone else's week?
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
Hey Charli, good luck tonight. My weigh in is Monday night and I'm not hopeful unless I've a really good weekend. Just rejoined last Monday as well, hadn't been in months. Its hard to get back into it isn't it.
charli Posts: 5994
i had been sooo bad that i was actually looking forward to it :oops: . only thing was it was thursday night and had to go all St. Patrick's day and the weekend being good, which i was! i couldn't weigh in on a monday like you, normally i need 2/3 days to make up for any little hiccups i would have had at the weekend!! good luck with yours too xx
02JuneBride2006 Posts: 314
I have my weigh-in this evening. Managed to lose 2 lbs last week, havent a clue how or why as I ate everything in site and did no exercise. I reckoned that I had been given a chance, so I was determined to be good this week. Went to the gym twice and went swimming once. Everything was great, went a little off the rails on Sunday, but pulled back on Monday and a bit on Tuesday. TOTM then from yesterday, couldnt stop eating, was freezing all day. Had a sneaky weigh-in this morning, I have put on 1.5lbs :x Putting it down to fluid, so fingers crossed.
charli Posts: 5994
grrhhh! the thing is to still go even if you think/know you are up. at least if you go it will shake you up to have a good week, so many times over the years i would skip a week if i knew i was up, better to go, put it down to bad week and do better next week, well done for getting in a few workouts too :)
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I'm tonight charli,and I got my lovely period before lunch and I feel like a blimp now :roll:
charli Posts: 5994
always affects the weight loss, i am due mine Saturday, hope i am not retaining fluid, have to have a good loss on week 1 to keep me going!!
sparkles Posts: 293
Hi Girls, My weigh in is on Thursday lunch time. I started back to WW 4 weeks ago. Target is 1lb per week, lost half pound this week so total loss now is 3.5lbs, so I'm 0.5lb off target so hopefully will have 1.5lb off next week to get me on target. Had bad week last week, didn't get to gym cos of cold so I'm delighted with 0.5 off!! Sparkles
charli Posts: 5994
hey .5lbs is just that, - .5lb, at least you are still on the right track, and it didn't go the other way, well done, onwards and upwards (or downwards in weight terms :wink: ) for this week!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Even if I think its only 0.5 of a pound.Picture the pound of fat your leader shows you and half it.Its still a loss at the end of the day :wink: