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the winner Posts: 4148
Hey all .. Is anyone going to the wedding fair in the RDS 2morrow?? Im going to head with H2B ( being dragged by the neck) Might bring my sister too :D Anyone going???
ohsotired Posts: 7071
We're going on Sunday!!! :wv
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
Liverpool playing tomorrow & H2B thinks if he shouts loud enough at TV they'll actually hear him so thats out. He's working on Sunday so thats out too :o( Let me know how you guys get on. BTW is the fayre in Citywest similar to RDS one?
MrsMOnAMission Posts: 376
I'm going tomorrow with My 2 BMs O-O
Teeny10 Posts: 566
I'm goin on Sunday with my mam :o)ll
hunnymonster Posts: 725
I'm thinking of going on Sunday with my mum. We live at opposite ends of the country so will be an excuse to meet up anyway. Only got engaged last week so still getting my head around all the work that has to be done.
Le Chiffre Posts: 223
Hiya ! Going on Sunday too ! I was a bit bold at lunchtime and have two glasses of wine and they have gone straight to my head ! Love Fridays !
kila2008 Posts: 678
rubies Posts: 1375
Yeah going tomorrow to get ideas for a few of the final things. I don't think they're all that. The citywest one I thought was quite good. Will report tomorrow night on whether or not it's a waste of money!
June09SoExcited Posts: 598
[quote="kila2008":ix2ho4nz]want to try to get on the same wavelength as sis so that I can be of some use to her when she plans her wedding![/quote:ix2ho4nz] Ah how sweet are you! :xxx O:o)