Anyone got a LOT of weight to loose??? 3+ stone???

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lilastragirl Posts: 56
Hiya, I only booked my wedding 1 wk ago, and it's for feb 09, which only gives me 6/7 months to shed all these extra stone I've been carrying. I'm determined to loose at least 3 stone, I've 5 to loose, I am worried about buying a dress that will end up too big. I have been going to the gym EVERYDAY for past 2 weeks and have shed 9 lbs. Would love some support and maybe talk to other who have a lot of weight to loose. Thanks :lvs
25/07/09 Posts: 472
Hi there, Alltogether (I started mid april) I had just over 5 stone to lose (I was 15st 9lb starting off) I have almost 2 off that gone (weigh in tonight so hopefully the 2 will be gone) and just over 3 more to go!! My wedding is in July 09, I need to start looking for a dress in october at the latest... (I went once before but the shops advised if I was really determined to lose it to come back in Sept/Oct) I'm hoping to have another 2 gone for October...It's hard work but it will be so worth it in the end... I am doing weight watchers and I find it excellent..also walking as much as I can and I bought the Davina McCaul work out DVd and I find it excellent... I plan to join a gym at the end of August for the winter and also to start swimming maybe once a week... swimming is not so great for weight loss but for toning up and hopefully get rid of my huge belly!!
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
Hi there You are both doing fantastic!! I have lost 4.5st and have another 2.5 to go before the wedding in October. I still have more to go after than but I am just concentrating on the wedding for now. I am doing a lot more exercise now to try and hurry things along. It is hard as I have never been an athletic person but I am committed to doing whatever is necessary to shift the weight and more importantly the inches before the wedding. My dress is coming in in September so I really need to focus. You will find great support on this site and logging in weekly into the WW Weigh in thread at the top of the page helps keep me focused. Also, there are quite a number of us on the site with 3+ stone to lose so you will be in good company. PM me anytime and good luck :wv
Kop Mama Posts: 804
Hi MrsG2B How did you loose all your weight congratulations that is a massive loss. I really cant seem to shed the pounds started another diet last week and i am walking for at least half hour a day allowing one treat a week just hope this time i dont give up... its just so so hard.
Twister Posts: 209
Girls you are all doing so well.. I have 6 stone to lose for wedding in Sept 2009........Lost half stone so far....Started the walking last week and beginning to enjoy it! Bought the Davina Video and watched it last night-I know watching it didnt burn off the calories but I want to know from those who have done it-is it as hard as it looks?Was exhausted looking at it! Am at ww also and missed last wk so hope that this thurs may have some lbs down
MissusW Posts: 330
Hello girls, Im wondering if you wanted to be weight loss buddies? we all have similar weight to loose. Im currently 15stone 3 and in ww. ive been messing around so much though I just cant seem to get my head into it at all. My wedding is september 2009. I need all the help I can get!
norzsept09 Posts: 165
hi ya, im sept 09 as well with at least three and a half stone to go, im 15 at the mo :-8 everytime i start a diet im great for a week and then if i dont see the results i want i just semi give up.........totally wrong attitude i know. ive tried EVERYTHING. lipotrim, ww, unislim, slender range, slimming tablets from health shop, cider vinegar,....the list is endless. even with the past few weeks now ive been very good but nothing seems to be coming off the only place i have weight, my belly. if one more person asks me wen im due i think im going to scream!! plus i have ovarian cysts which dont help matters >:o(
blossimhill Posts: 400
hi girls shove over and let me in, am getting married in nov and need to loose some weight, well 3 stone at least, just had a baby 3 and a half weeks ago so am just starting into excercise now. Am 14 stone so this is it, its official the weight has to go. God some of ye ladies are doing great and are a great example, will be great to have company on this forum :o)ll :o)ll
norzsept09 Posts: 165
CONGRATS blossimhill!! hope you and your new arrival are doing well!! i know some of the girls are doing great and should be great inspiration for me but im JUST NOT MOTIVATED O:| O:| ive gotten my wedding dress already.........n i got it two sizes too small so i have to lose the weight...........wil someone give my the kick up the ar*e that i sooooooo badly need! my h2b is hopeless, he keeps telling he loves me regardless of wat weight i am, n wen i gave out to him over this he said if he told me i need to lose weight i wouldnt talk to him for a week!!! :-8