Anyone had a boobjob?

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luigi Posts: 867
Hi Girls, My friend has just been approved for a boob job. We had our babies at the same time, but she is not very big herself and after baby her boobs have remained too large for her small frame (like 34G or something) Anyway, she's worried about the operation, she'd probably kill me if she reads this post lol! Does anyone have any info about how it feels, recovery or future pregnancies I can give her? Thank in advance. (And if anyone wants to lend us a few grand so I can go along ith her and have mine done in the opposite direction i'd be mighty chuffed)
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Sorry Luigi - don't know so know help!! I think its meant to be pretty sore all right......Would definately consider it myself though when I'm done having babies!!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Ooooops.... sorry Luigi, I read blowjob instead of boobjob :o0 :o0 :o0 And thought WTF???!!! Hope your friend will be okay, sorry no experience.
luigi Posts: 867
lol Tigletts, last night I went to tell DP and blurted out "* is getting her blowjob!" Its and easy mistake
Beaner Posts: 97
Hey Luigi, I had a breast reduction around 8 years ago - maybe more now. I can honestly say it's the best thing I've ever done in life! Fairly easy surgury too. If your friend has any questions/concers give me a PM and I'll be happy to help.
Beaner Posts: 97
Oops! never answered the questions you had there. The surgery was very easy. There wasn't very much pain afterwards. They were like little perky rocks up closer to your shoulders at first. But then everything goes very natural after a couple of weeks. The recovery was fine. I wore maxi-pads in my bra to help with the stiches. There's a little scaring, but it honestly goes away to nothing after awhile. You can seriously barely see mine anymore. As for breastfeeding. I was told that there's an 80% chance that I can. Haven't tried it yet though.. :-8 Anyways. Ask away. I'll tell you what I know.
luigi Posts: 867
Excellent Beaner. Im going to show her this :)
weektee Posts: 468
my friend has them done and she has never felt better since! now, in saying that for the 2 weeks afterwards, she could barely do anything, couldnt pick things up, and has said it was the most pain ull ever experience aside from giving birth! but, she hasnt been happier since she had them and they changed her life completely... mind you, she went bigger so i dont know the difference between going bigger or reducing! dont know if this is any help... xx
july7812 Posts: 1787
I had one done 2 1/2 years ago & it was the best thing I could have ever done. It was a bit sore for a few days - couldnt stretch up high or do anything strenuous for a bit but the pain was very manageable - I would never hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering it. With regards being pregnant with it - I was also told I could breastfeed after it - unfortunatly I recently had a m/c 3 weeks ago but will give it ago when I get preg again. If you ever need to PM me go ahead.