Anyone had a cyst on ovaries in early preg

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bumponboard Posts: 14
Hi All, Just wondering, I have had a cyst on my ovary (sp) for about the last 8yrs, it was confirmed that it was one that grows and then bursts and reabsorbs into ovary which has always been fine. The only time it ever hurt is just before period but even then not that bad!! Since getting a BFP last week I have noticed its been alot more painful and I am aware of it more. Has anyone else noticed this I have a GP appointment on Monday and cant really get to go before then especially with the snow! Just wondered if this is normal or whether I should phone hospital, i havent even booked hospital yet??
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
Hi Bumponboard Congratulations on your pregnancy. I have a cyst on my left ovary which was only found when I went for an early scan on this pregnancy. It was quite large and I was told to mention it when I went to the hospital. When I went for my 12 weeks scan, they measured it and it had shrunk to 5 cm so I was told they would just keep an eye on it and check it again at my 20 week scan. At 20 weeks it was 12 cm and I was told that I could have it drained but to talk to the consultant. I was with the consultant about 2 weeks after my 20 week scan and it had shrunk to 10 cm so she has said that they will leave it alone but if I have any pain at all to go into the hospital. It is very normal to have cyst in early pregnancy and in fact I've been told that it's a very good hormone to have to support the pregnancy until the placenta kicks in. I haven't had much pain and I'm hoping it will eventually just burst but it's a waiting game. Best of luck but if you have sever pain, go to your GP or hospital as apparently the cyst can twist and this is when it gets complicated.
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
I can't say for sure. When I was 5-6 weeks pregnant I was admitted to hospital with horrific pain.. They were concerned about appendix, ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage but as I had no bleeding in 36 hours with the pain the ruled out miscarriage. They did a loads of scans and could see a lot of free fluid but not where it came from. As the pain eased off the fluid was absorbed and thankfully the pregnancy was perfect. They put it down to a cyst that ruptured. I had never suffered with cysts previously but I am now 28 weeks pregnant and I have had no more complications.. touch wood :wv
TweetMul Posts: 495
Hi, I had an early scan 7w+4 and I also have a cyst on my right ovary. They told me that they would keep an eye on it but it looked to be a corpus luteum cyst. So basically when you ovulated the corpus luteum that remains turns into a cyst again to produce hormones until the placenta kicks in. So according to the wonderful bible of what to expect when your expecting its normal and not to worry. It's good that they will keep an eye on it and by doing that you get to have a few extra peaks at baby :) Hope all works out for you and for me too for that matter :)
bumponboard Posts: 14
Thanks everyone, so hard to know what to do as it hurts sometimes and then not at all at other times. I don't want to keep running back and forth to the gp about it so hopefully it will stay the same until Monday when I have a appointment ready booked then I can find out what I should do about it. Would be happy to pay for an early scan just to double check it but would rather not have to.
munchy Posts: 3
Hi Bumponboard Like TweetMul I had an early scan (only 6 wks!) and they detected a cyst that they thought was a corpus luteum cyst on my ovary. they told me to go back 3 weeks later for a follow up scan and meanwhile if i had any sharp pain (she said id know all about it if it was the pain she meant) then i should go to Casualty. At the 6 week scan it was 8cm and three weeks later it had shrunk to only 4cm, so she said that it was nothing to worry about def a cyst that reabsorbs itself. it was gone by the 12 week scan! for your info I did feel some pain on that side in the first few weeks and my doc told me it was because of the cyst. My advice is to get it looked at on a scan - just to put your mind to rest. I was really reassured by my Docs attitude to it. best of luck!! munchy!