Anyone Had a LLETZ Procedure Done?

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Christmas B Posts: 6191
Just wondering if anyone else has ever had a LLETZ procedure done? I had one last November and my periods are not red anymore!! They're literally black!! Sorry, I know this sounds really gross but it's happening to me and I'm a little nervous!! I've had it checked back at the hospital in January and they said it was ok and would clear up soon but it hasn't. I have another appointment with the gynae in two weeks so hopefully he'll know what to do!! I'm just worried as this doesn't seem to be the norm at all!! Anyone out there experienced anything similar?? Would love to hear!!
Not so Bridie Posts: 273
I had it done in October and my periods are red (though now that you mention it, they are a bit darker than before). But, if the doctors weren't worried about it in January, you shouldn't be either.