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beckyjustbecky Posts: 402
Girls!! Im like a bull here!! O:| the band we wanted originally, who everyone recommended and said they were great. Well we went to see them last week and Im not joking ya, I would swear your man I was talking to was on another planet with coke!!! I wont mention the name of the band so please dont ask me to. But I was so upset I cried there and then... Well the bar man in the hotel said Electirc Avenue had played there the night before and he said they were incredible!!! Im going to see them playing now tonight in dundalk, but Im wondering if any of you had them at your wedding or seen them and what ye thought??? Thanks!
Babyloco Posts: 964
They played at my FSIL wedding and they were fab-they all looked really good, got the whole crowd going-the floor was full all night. I dont think you could go wrong with them.
beckyjustbecky Posts: 402
Seen the band last night in BruBakers in Dundalk and they were [u:2vgzbs9a][b:2vgzbs9a]AMaYYYYZING[/b:2vgzbs9a][/u:2vgzbs9a]]!! Im defo booking them! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll